High Efficiency Gas Hot Water Boiler

High Efficiency Gas Hot Water Boiler

Several reasons countries directly affect the efficiency of high efficiency hot water boilers indicators basically carrying coal to natural gas operations in full swing, hot water boiler with a greatly contaminated by subtracting the fine dust, together with nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases get control. Efficiency index is an important indicator to measure the hot water boiler, give you a look behind the cause of a direct impact on several hot water boiler efficiency indicators. Through investigation, the hot water boiler wear and tear of the more important departments from these two places: the combustion air-fuel ratio of non-compliance as well as heat loss. Can reduce the heat loss can be fitted at the end of the hot water boiler exhaust gas recirculation formation of latent heat, or with more kinds of class condensing boiler. Fuel ratio of non-compliance inappropriate Summary: General hot water boiler based on ejector type burner, resulting in flexibility to adjust the air-fuel ratio can not be performed. Based on 70% of the hot water boiler is a mechanical blower burner, leading to substandard fuel ratio has the following several reasons: the more significant standard air-fuel ratio can be divided into two probability: when oxygen is excessive, there will not be excessive cold air is heat, hot water boiler energy use leading to increased efficiency hot water boiler index weakened; when oxygen is non-compliant, there will be insufficient combustion phenomenon, hot water boiler efficiency indicators have weakened.

Depending on the operating characteristics of electric steam boilers, mainly to properly regulate the drum and induced draft fan. The chamber negative pressure is guaranteed ± (5-10) premise mm water column (water column ≈9.8Pa 1mm) to minimize the amount of the wind, to extend the residence time of the flue gas temperature in the furnace, reduce exhaust gas temperature.

Oil-fired boiler and gas boiler as the difference between the early stages of construction to complete our economy, our people's spiritual and cultural efforts to increase investment, with the attendant is demanding on the environment, air pollution is coal-fired boilers of large, first in the state it's now a rigorous, but the attendant is it a substitute for oil-fired boiler and gas boiler, that they have any difference? They belong to energy saving equipment, the combustion products of carbon dioxide and water, will not pollute the environment. The biggest difference is that they use different fuels, gas boilers use natural gas, city gas as the fuel, light oil, heavy oil which is used as fuel. In contrast gas boilers, boiler fuel cost is much higher than gas boilers, therefore, it is common for companies do not have a gas boiler operating conditions or institutions to use. Oil-fired boiler and gas boiler difference between: 1, different fuel: the former light oil, heavy oil as a fuel, which uses natural gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. 2, the burner different: the former use of oil burners, gas burners later use. 3, different cost: the former high cost, about 1-2 times the cost of the latter. The same point fuel boilers and gas boiler: 1, the same boiler: the same tonnage same steam boiler or high efficiency hot water boiler of the boiler body. 2, the same auxiliary components: in addition to the burner, auxiliary oil-fired boiler and gas boiler accessories equivalent tonnage same. 3, the same production process: The process of production and processing were carried out in accordance with the same process and production standards. These are the difference between the oil-fired boiler and gas boiler, want to help you choose.

People's Republic of Bangladesh is the world's largest exporter of jute, a long time for the world transport a large paper stock. Is also an important market, "along the way" important strategic fulcrum of China's industrial and manufacturing. Fang fast Group as an international brand boiler, April 10, the warm reception from distant friends -? Bangladesh PolockGroup Group CEO, Mr Mahbubul Alam Biddut??.

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