15 Ton Diesel Fired Boiler In Sudan

15 Ton Diesel Fired Boiler In Sudan

Henan high-pressure gas 15 ton diesel fired boiler in sudan manual cut-off valve and pressure valve common faults Henan gas boiler has played a very important role in the system, the valve disclosure of which would cause the system to drain a lot of soda, economy affect staff and crew. Symptom pressure valves 1.Henan gas boiler: (1) a high-pressure valve packing leakage. (2) the valve leakage. (3) valve leakage. Pressure valves reasons 2.Henan gas boiler analysis: (1) the packing gland bolts loose, with the door lever Grand large gap beyond quality standards. Low (2) the accuracy of the valve stem, bending and corrosion phenomena. (3) a filler selected unreasonable. (4) a filler filling process does not meet the requirements. (5) in conjunction with the valve seat surface of the valve body and the difference RESEARCH repair mass, of less than the required quality standards. (6) run there is debris in the valve body and the valve seat in conjunction with the card surface. 3. The processing method of high pressure valves Henan gas boiler: (1) retighten the packing gland bolt, the force should be appropriate to have a lid margin. (2) re-calibration stem rust. (3) selection of qualified high-temperature packing rings. (4) when the valve Henan gas boiler maintenance, carefully check valve body, the valve seat joint surface damage, according to the development of maintenance inspection program. Valve grinding (5) Henan process gas boiler, in strict accordance with the maintenance package, the choice of a suitable grinding tool. (6) can be isolated from the system to replace the same size valve, the system pressure can not be isolated using the method of plugging repair. 4. Henan high-pressure valve precautions gas boiler: (1) strict inspection process. (2) to strengthen the inspection, to detect problems in time.

It is reported that in March 28, the Office of the ecological environment in Gansu Province on environmental governance ecology, held a press conference. Will be mentioned in: 2019, Gansu Province will improve air quality for the goal, to strengthen air pollution control work. 2019 air pollution prevention and control measures are: to adjust the energy structure, clean winter heating in an orderly way, and then completed more than 400,000 rural residents warm Tukang years Tuzao, small stove coal to gas, coal to electricity or clean coal replacement project; built a sound 86 counties (cities, districts) focused on coal distribution system, formulate issued "the province's reservoirs (for sale) coal yard special clean-up remediation work plan" to carry out the coal market, coal quality control special inspection inspection, serious investigated sales of low quality coal, coal yard dirty and messy and other issues.

1, adjusting the industrial structure, the implementation of "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation special action, complete ban before the end of the relocation, renovation work; continue to promote urban built-up area of ​​heavily polluting enterprises relocation, renovation or off exit, according to the law to promote backward production capacity in accordance with regulations can quit, support and foster a number of competitive energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises.

2, accelerate the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions of thermal power, steel and other key industries, before the end of the year plans to complete within 10 coal-fired thermal power ultra-low emission renovation (except long discontinued); implementation of key enterprise organized, unorganized emission control standards by the end of before the completion of discharge standards smelting production company boiler.

Steam 15 ton diesel fired boiler in sudan ① "fire load / small fire" position; ② off the burner; ③ the vapor pressure drop when the sewage to 0.05-0.1MPA; ④ closing the main steam valve; ⑤ to manually pay a slightly higher level; ⑥ Bi to OFF valve; ⑦ combustor supply valve closed; ⑧ closed dampers; ⑨ off the main power

Which parts of the steam 15 ton diesel fired boiler in sudan susceptible to corrosion it? It is noteworthy that after the end of the work, after the steam boiler is turned off, got into the water system of oxygen may be from the steam boiler is not confined place, and then integrated into the boiler, if the pressure and temperature drop, then these will be condensed oxygen become vapor and moisture so that the metal surface of the boiler, resulting in the production of a water film. If, after the steam boiler is disabled, some parts are still soaked in water, then through continuous evaporation and water vapor, bucket elevator system to produce soda opportunity to make a lot of moisture, so that the boiler corrosion. So for steam boilers, the most susceptible to corrosion which parts of it? 1, parts of the boiler economizer, in operation, its entrance areas are very susceptible to corrosion, not to mention more economizer after the shutdown. 2, when the water wall runs, its oxygen ineffective, so it's drum and fall pipe is very easy to corrosion. It is corrosive at run time, particularly severe water wall drum side after shutdown. 3, where the elbow vertical steam boiler superheater, because the long-term on the water, in addition to the water is not clean, it also led to its rapid corrosion. 4, vertical reheater and superheater, are elbow portions submerged in water corrosion. After the above description, as long as the attention of the four parts of the maintenance and upkeep, then life can be extended steam boiler.

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