10 Ton Steam Boiler Cost

10 Ton Steam Boiler Cost

Pool use natural gas boilers, boiler plant Which is better? Some indoor swimming pool open in the winter cold season can still use, mainly because of the indoor pool with hot water boiler to heat water heating and insulation.

Thalia T6, once the promotion listing on the widely recognized by customers, only six months to get the favor of the promotion of a large number of country prefix units directly under the Central Government Offices Administration of the International Tourism Bureau, the SAC Building Materials Service Center, China Research Institute of Standardization, etc. a number of units are selected this product for heating and hot water. Party fast to continue to make breakthroughs, build quality as the goal, synchronized with the national "energy conservation" development policy, to provide users with a real set of green energy-saving, high efficiency and low nitrogen as one of the intelligent boiler equipment.

Gas-fired air consumption can be calculated according to the following formula: = air consumption per hour of natural gas boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler / heat value of natural gas / boiler efficiency. Through the above formula can be concluded: Gas consumption natural gas boiler depends on the boiler capacity, as well as natural gas calorific value boiler efficiency, while natural gas calorific value boiler capacity and generally can not be changed, you can determine how much per hour, gas-fired gas consumption also It is the combustion efficiency of the boiler.

The reason why the ignition rod of gas-fired boiler has sparks but does not ignite: 1, the ventilation clearance of cyclone disk is blocked by carbon deposition, and the ventilation is not good. 2, oil nozzles are unclean, clogged or worn out. 3, the valve setting angle is too small. 4. Inappropriate distance from the tip of the ignition rod to the leading edge of the oil nozzle (too prominent or indented) 5, the first oil gun solenoid valve is blocked by debris (small oil gun). 6, the oil is too viscous to flow or the filtration system is blocked or the oil valve is not opened, so that the oil pump suction is insufficient and the oil pressure is low. 7. The oil pump's own filter screen is blocked. 8, the oil contains more water (boiling noise in the heater).

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