16000Kg H Steam Boiler

16000Kg H Steam Boiler

Hot water boilers that cannot be separated from life

The hot water boiler is believed to be familiar to everyone, because when winter comes, we always go to the baths to take a bath. In this way, it shows the important value of the hot water boiler, which can provide us with a lot of hot water. However, the role of hot water boiler is not only that, it can keep hot water temperature can also be used as a solution to a large unit of drinking water problem.

For example, medium pressure feed water temperature of the boiler mostly heated to 172 deg.] C, typically heated to a high pressure furnace 215 ℃. Since the causes of the leakage of high pressure heater, water supply to the boiler feed water through the bypass when the high pressure splitting operation in the heater. After the temperature of the boiler feed water decreases, the fuel portion of the heat to be used to increase the water temperature.

As a leader in the fast side condensing gas boiler, in recent years, provide a clean boiler to Beijing multiple office units, was well received. I units through the preliminary investigation and contrast, select fast boiler, it turns out, party fast product does have quite a good cleaning environmental performance, in line with the Beijing municipal government requirements for air pollution emissions, the use of very at ease. --customer feedback

Gas hot water boiler plate changing device cleaning step gas hot water boiler plate changing device cleaning step gas hot water boiler plate changing device, boiler installation point of concern to us, it also affects the operation of the boiler, the need for regular cleaning in the process of cleaning it must be noted that in the following points: (1) before cleaning gas hot water boiler plate should wear protective gloves to avoid sharp edges hurt the opponent. (2) a chemical reaction due to the acid solution with the iron-prone, and therefore do not use the cleaning sheet of stainless steel such as hydrochloric acid. (3) In the cleaning process, as far as possible the heat exchanger temperature dropped 40 degrees and then washed to avoid temperature to hurt the hand. (4) can take backwash way, if under the effect of the bad state of the disintegration of the need for cleaning. The above is a cleaning step Zhengzhou party fast small as we share the gas hot water boiler plate changing device, the process of carrying out the cleaning operation, must pay attention to the details of the control, the most important is to pay attention to safety, hope this will useful for everyone.

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