Boiler Suppliers To Myanmar

Boiler Suppliers To Myanmar

Boiler water hardness value is not up to what harm? Boiler is a heat exchange device, which is released when fuels will play a combustion heat transferred to the water, resulting in the role of steam. If poor water quality, the formation of scale on the heating surface, the generation of scale can greatly affect the boiler suppliers to myanmar thermal conductivity. Typically the thermal conductivity of the object, the greater the thermal conductivity with thermal conductivity expressed, indicating enhanced thermal ability. Scale thermal conductivity than the thermal conductivity of steel decimal tens to hundreds. Therefore, boiler fouling generates the following consequences: (1) a waste of fuel. After scaling the boiler, the heating surface heat transfer performance deterioration, in order to maintain the boiler ratings, plus fuel must be more investment, thus wasting fuel. (2) heating surface damage. The junction of boiler scale, the temperature difference between both sides of the heating surface increases, the metal Bi temperature rise, decrease in strength, pot under pressure, bulge occurs, causing serious accidents and even burst pipes and so on. (3) reduce the boiler output. Scaling the boiler, the generation of scale will reduce the flow of heat receiving section of the inner tube, the inner tube to increase the flow resistance of the water cycle, serious or even completely blocked. This destroys the normal circulation of the boiler, impede heat transfer inside the boiler, reducing the evaporation capacity of the boiler. Thus, the economizer boiler output will be reduced, water wall, convection tube member and the like are corrosion in the boiler drum due to poor water quality and cause corrosion. As a result, these recesses and the thin metal member, and even perforation. More serious corrosion of internal metal structure will be destroyed. Corroded metal strength is significantly reduced. So, seriously affecting the safe operation of the boiler, shorten the useful life of the boiler, resulting in economic losses. After the metallic corrosion products are carried to the pan of water boiler heating surface, easy to form scale and other impurities. Iron-containing scale high, likely to cause corrosion of metallic iron in contact with the scale. The iron corrosion products and easily re-form scale. This is a vicious circle, which leads to rapid deterioration of the boiler members. Priming pot when water contains high sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, organic matter with a base role, grease or water has the saponification, in the boiling pot of water evaporation, the liquid level will produce a foam, the bubble is separated many water droplets, these salt content of many drops of water are constantly being taken away by steam. Priming occurs, the harm follows: Steam serious contamination; superheater tubes and steam pipes salt accumulation, severe plugging; so filled with the bubble level indicator, causing confusion level; water hammer effect, easily damaged piping connections steam system; easy to cause corrosion of parts of the steam valve, return elbow. Increasing the amount of boiler maintenance boiler plate or pipe has a scale after the junction is very difficult to remove, in particular due to leakage caused by boiler scale, cracks, breakage, deformation, corrosion and other diseases. Not only damage the boiler, and spend a lot of manpower and material resources to repair, not only shorten the running time, also increased maintenance costs. Boiler accident caused by accidents caused due to the scale, accounting for over 20% of boiler accidents not only cause loss of equipment. Also threaten personal safety. According to US statistics reports, boiler water treatment, from the global to say what is "lucrative" thing, but water treatment capital and operating costs, accounting for a quarter of the cost savings. Boiler hazard protection (1) the choice of specification boiler water treatment methods and facilities. Boiler unit should be based on the number of parameters, the boiler water situation, choose rational and effective water treatment methods, supporting appropriate water treatment systems and equipment to ensure compliance with water quality standards for boilers accordingly. ① rated evaporation amount is smaller than 2t / h, and the rated steam pressure less than or equal steam boilers and soft drinks dual 1.0MPa boiler pot-treatment may be employed. But we must strengthen the supervision of scaling, corrosion and water boilers, earnestly dosing, sewage and cleaning work. ② The chemical treatment of the outer pot, the selected period of ion exchange water system, exchange capacity, the washing water consumption, or an acid salt consumption and consumption requirements should match boiler output. And to run the economy. ③ boiler water treatment method should be selected in units of actual use, take the form of an outer pot and the pot water treatment method combining the methods. Pot-treatment as a supplement to the outer pot water treatment method, the metal surface is conducive to the boiler forming a protective film, to reduce corrosion. And can eliminate residual hardness, or the boiler can be thin Paradise scale operation, the boiler further reduce power consumption. To ensure safe operation of the boiler. 2) Water treatment operations must go through examination certificates. Each boiler units should strictly implement the relevant water quality standards GB1576 "industrial boiler water quality", we must adhere to the raw water boiler feed water, boiler water, return water and steam quality of daily laboratory analysis. Every time laboratory analysis of the project, data and appropriate measures taken, shall fill in the table on water quality testing records. Substandard water quality timely treatment, to ensure the boiler feed water and boiler water reaches the relevant provisions of national water quality standards. (3) specification installation and commissioning of boiler water treatment equipment. ① pot outside a water treatment system, after completion of installation of equipment should be carried out by the unit with debug capability to debug, determine a reasonable operating parameters; take pot-boiler commissioning process should be conducted by the unit with debug capabilities, determine a reasonable increase drug method and quantity. After the commissioning of water, steam quality should meet the requirements of quality standards, technical commissioning report shall be deposited in the archives boiler unit boiler. ② boiler water treatment system installation and acceptance is part of an overall acceptance of boilers, water treatment equipment should eliminate substandard hastily put into operation, planted accidents. Unqualified acceptance of boiler water, boiler will not send registration certificate.

Election condensing boiler suppliers to myanmars, which brand is better? Well condensing boilers which brand? Condensing boiler top ten brands? Condensing boilers What is the price? What about energy efficiency condensing boiler? The issues surrounding the condensing boiler, water boiler before understanding which brand is good, let's take a look at the knowledge of the water boiler.

Gas boiler suppliers to myanmar cleaning has obvious environmental qualities, at this stage of use coverage is very broad. We found that, once the clean-up work is not in place, resulting in the boiler thermal effects will greatly reduce the accumulation of scale. Under this situation in order to ensure adequate heating capacity then only continue to raise the temperature of the fire, which is increase fuel consumption resulting in a waste of resources.

Recently, Shaanxi Province, to build a good ecological environment, issued a "Blue Sky Battle Shaanxi Province 2019 work program", "clear water Battle of Shaanxi Province 2019 work program", "Shaanxi Province Pure Land Battle 2019 work program", "Shaanxi Castle battle province 2019 work program "and other four major environmental battle to defend the program. Details below.

"Program" is mentioned: this year by optimizing the six policies, tough fight seven games, seven strengthen security measures, the average concentration in urban areas and strive to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) fell 4 percent to ensure that the number of heavy pollution days significantly reduce atmospheric environmental quality improved significantly, people's happiness significantly enhanced blue sky.

3, increase economic policy support to accelerate clean winter heating work, in accordance with the principle of "Jiangyoufalie", the establishment of special funds for air pollution prevention and control arrangements with local ambient air quality to improve performance linkage mechanism.

1, lay the tough restructuring, according to the law closed down quit a number of energy consumption, environmental protection, safety, technology and production of non-compliance or substandard products out of production capacity, before the end of the year, the Guanzhong area basically completed "messy dirty" industrial enterprises and in accordance with regulations cluster comprehensive treatment.

2, tough fight industrial pollution control, focusing on gas-related industrial pollution sources to perform all the installation of flue gas emission standards new online monitoring facilities, the Guanzhong area cement, coke, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics, tile and other industries, and to ban coal-fired hot air furnace, the coal-fired cogeneration substantially eliminated heating pipe network coverage heating, drying furnace (kiln).

4, clean energy alternatives tough fight, central heating station complete transformation of existing coal-fired clean off the area before the end of the city to clean the heating rate in urban areas off more than 90% before the end of May to complete the Guanzhong area rural village set loose coal governance indeed household inventory; motor vehicle pollution control tough fight, and increase freight railway construction investment, strengthen the construction of urban public transport system, promote high-emission motor vehicle pollution control, Guanzhong area cities and built-up area buses in the proportion of new energy vehicles to achieve 80 %, starting July 1, the province's implementation of six national emissions standards.

"Program" also pointed out that by strengthening the organizational leadership, strengthen environmental law enforcement, special inspectors carry out inspections of air pollution, strengthen grid environment supervision, improve environmental monitoring and control network, strengthen science and technology infrastructure support, strict accountability assessment 7 safeguards to ensure that work effectively.

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