Food Processing Steam Boilers

Food Processing Steam Boilers

Our company attaches great importance to the quality of wine, winemaking process steam requirements provided very strict, party fast boiler provides fully meet our needs, give us a brewery to provide strong support. --customer feedback

The difference between hot water and food processing steam boilerss of the boiler as a heat medium for air conditioning, heaters, low temperature oven drying equipment, textile and the hot water tank is heated by a variety of low-temperature, heat transfer and air-conditioning coil equipment. Hot water as a heat medium has the following advantages: 1. Generally the lower the heat medium water temperature of the heat medium, and large temperature difference between the flue gas, boiler exhaust gas temperature is relatively low, and thus higher boiler efficiency. 2. Closed hot water supply system small amount of water and sewage rate is much smaller than the steam boiler, waste water is also smaller. And lower boiler water quality requirements, less the cost of water treatment. 3. The specific heat capacity of water is large, a large hot water system capacity, strong heat storage capacity. When the thermal conditions or hydraulic failure condition a short time, without significantly heating conditions cause large fluctuations. 4. pump hot water heating system can be used for long-distance transportation, a small heat loss, heating large radius, to adapt to the requirements of urban planning central heating. The hot water temperature is low, less heat transfer coefficient, thermal efficiency is relatively low as the heat medium heating major drawback. Present predominantly of boiler steam boiler, steam as a heat medium main advantages are: a low cost, wide adaptability, can meet the heat requirements of the various users have different requirements for temperature and pressure simultaneously; 2 nontoxic. directly heating food, even if leaking would not harm the environment; 3 high steam temperature, a large latent heat of vaporization, the heat transfer area can be reduced relative to the hot water device, reduce costs; 4 hot inert small, heat faster when the steam supply, the cold disappear just as quickly when the steam stop. Since the heating medium steam condensate recovery is difficult, resulting in waste and water latent heat. Even with condensate recovery, condensate recovery in the process, because water easily dissolved oxygen and other impurities, but also easy to cause harm to the boiler. Oxygen to the water, salt and other impurities cause boiler fouling, corrosion and other problems affecting the safety and energy efficiency of the boiler.

Gas hot water boiler in the use of the process What are the requirements for water and water temperature? Gas hot water boiler in the use of the process has on water and water temperature What are the requirements? In general, gas hot water boiler water temperature is no uniform requirement, the need for specific requirements based on furnace and boiler equipment such as its model, the basic points for the high and low temperatures two kinds. In addition, for each boiler water temperature control, are provided with an alarm device, once the phenomenon of over-temperature, alarms will alert to remind fireman timely adjustments. Of course, for boiler water quality this one, if the water is not up to it, then the impurities in the water will cause the boiler appears scaling, corrosion and other phenomena during the latter part of the operation, thus affecting the safe operation of boilers and other operating life and quality of supply etc., must be strict control of boiler water quality, treatment compliance. In short, both the gas hot water boiler water quality or temperature of the control must do rigorous, at their job, do their business, should not sloppy, resulting in unnecessary human and material losses.

Now more popular heating methods are: heating and air conditioning, heat sink (radiator) heating and underfloor heating. Three methods have their own characteristics, equipment supply heat from the boiler, the heating temperature difference between these three issues is an important way to generate precautions.

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