8 Ton Diesel Fired Steam Boiler

8 Ton Diesel Fired Steam Boiler

Fang quick to join hands farmers Springs, win-win cooperation, to create a new future environmental Speaking farmer spring, everyone will think so mind a slogan - "Nongfushangquan a little sweet." As a Chinese brand strength index (ChinaBrandPowerIndex, referred to as C-BPI) ranked first brand of mineral water, Nongfu Spring adhere to never use city tap water, every drop of Nongfu Spring has its source in the concept of environmental protection, we are committed to producing the most human needs drinking water containing natural mineral elements.

An ordinary heat boiler fuel gas after combustion caused by the need to release the heated water or other medium, the exhaust gas temperature is also high, more than 130 ℃, the flue gas will take away a lot of heat, resulting in energy waste, without environmentally friendly. Join the flue gas condensing boiler technology is about to be discharged out of the water vapor condenses, releasing latent heat in the flue gas into the boiler needs to provide heated water or other medium, adding more energy. Meanwhile, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to about 50 ℃, reduced emissions of harmful substances. So condensing boiler compared with ordinary boilers, thermal efficiency will be much higher.

The main task of monitoring and adjusting Henan gas boiler running Henan gas boiler means to monitor and adjust the operation of its main tasks are: 1. Maintain evaporation within the rating of the boiler, the steam quantity to meet user requirements, avoid overload operation; 2. maintain normal pressure and temperature; 3 balanced water, and maintain the normal water level in the boiler; 4 to maintain steam quality compliance; 5. maintaining good combustion, improve boiler thermal efficiency, and comply with environmental requirements; 6 . ensure the safe operation of the boiler unit. Henan run gas boiler means that the working conditions at the time of boiler operation, it is through a series of operating parameters to reflect. These parameters are referred to as operating parameters, such as vapor pressure, evaporation, evaporation temperature, drum level; flue gas, air, water temperature and pressure; the fuel consumption and smoke components. The main factors Henan gas boiler operating conditions are: the boiler load, and fuel, feed water temperature, excess air coefficient. Boiler normal operation, it must control the water level, pressure, temperature within a certain range to suit the user's own safety and thermal boiler equipment requirements. Excess air ratio influence Henan gas boiler operating conditions for relatively large. Excess air ratio is increased, mainly due to air leakage. The increased excess air, the furnace temperature is lowered, reducing the radiation heat transfer, the convective heat transfer increases, also increases the amount of smoke, heat losses increase, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. At the same time, induced draft fan or blower power consumption increases. Excess air coefficient is determined by each site smoke constituents determined. The efficiency of a combustion analyzer may measure the contents of carbon monoxide in the flue gas, it is determined whether the combustion sufficient to direct fuel ratio adjustment.

Mostly used in the membrane wall water tube boiler, having a simple structure, save steel, insulation and air tightness better advantages.

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