Fire Tube Steam Boiler In Iran

Fire Tube Steam Boiler In Iran

Hot water boiler described configuration (1) a substantial increase in the furnace inlet and outlet temperature, sound and light alarm overheating. (2) furnace and piping outgoing rhythmic percussion, pipe vibration. (3) furnace barometer hands shaking, the water pressure increases. (4) output vapor valves, Peng Zhang steam box. Followed by hot water boiler sake vaporized boiler water (1) a sudden termination of the pump power limit, a final break through the bad, or no effective countermeasure failure, leading to gasification. (2) furnace employees not yet Workout Do not use hot water boiler. Such as coal Stop, stop exhaust, induction stop, stop the pump mistakenly stopped, hot water boiler ignition, after the first ignition open; when shutdown, the pump stops after the first reduction furnace and so on. (3) due to not turn off the circuit through the bad incorrect valve entrance, gate or frozen cleaning conduit, dirt or the like clogging terminated. (4) hot water boiler or through a bad circuit leaks, invalid constant pressure equipment, not immediately moisturizing, resulting in water flow and pressure drop is not enough. (5) hot water boiler entrance thermometer, barometer ineffective, not processed in the furnace tube. (6) Zongtisheji scientific furnace, boiler or furnace into hot water by a fire tube steam boiler in iran, a heating furnace so that flow rate is extremely well-balanced, part of the water heating surface due to slow gasification. (7) severe internal outfall stains or debris destroyed the water cycle. Hot water boiler pot of water vaporized solution: (1) rapid decrease lit, reduce the oven temperature. (2) when the limit power, back-up power to be coupled, or the reserved start of the circulation pump by the engine controller. (3) No back-up power and his response, the entrance and the return valve to be switched off, drinking water supply must furnace, and the furnace inlet and outlet drain valve to be open drain, the water can swim and furnace cooling heating surface, until the heat storage furnace has been cleared. When no drinking water or drinking water can not be sure that, decency backwater bypass pipe may be introduced to the furnace, then by a valve to exclude the cooling furnace heating surface. (D) Security Council notes furnace destruction, should replace them immediately. (5) When the furnace temperature increased significantly, gasification serious, should an emergency turn off the stove. About hot water boiler is vaporized sake and solutions.


1, the general position of the explosion vent means in the top wall or the steam outlet of the boiler furnace furnace furnace side of the fuel gas flue.

2, explosion-proof doors should be installed in place without the threat of operator safety, and a pressure relief guide tube, it shall not be stored near inflammable and explosive materials, highly preferably not less than 2 meters.

The theme of the conference is "clean low-carbon, Better Life", which is fast adhering to the party's "build clean fuel gas-fired boiler" concept coincide. After this symposium, party fast more clearly the future direction of development in the field of cleaning boilers, adhere to the road of independent research and development of new technologies, increase investment in research and development funds, is committed to develop cleaner and more environmentally friendly boiler equipment, "blue sky project" to make its own contribution!

The method of electric heating fire tube steam boiler in iran soot process: the electric heating steam boiler is running, flue soot produced more or less, if a long time without shutdown cleaning backpass, will accumulate a certain amount of soot and other harmful impurities .

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