350 Bhp Vertical Water Boiler

350 Bhp Vertical Water Boiler

150,000 square meters of central heating gas boiler Selection program: places like central heating heating of residential housing, office buildings, hotels, schools, shopping malls, etc., choose a suitable heating gas boiler type is very important, which is related to people's lives and safety of the boiler heating company's input costs. We "150,000 square meters of gas central heating boiler" for example, as we explain in the choice of the selection mentoring program heating type gas boiler.

After the boiler put into use, such as the hotel responsible person to give us feedback: fast boiler advanced product design, simple and intuitive operation, the most critical is energy saving, low NOx emissions, can be used in the Beijing area. Compared with other boiler brands, fast Boiler made us worry. --customer feedback

What should we pay attention to when using Atmospheric pressure Hot Water Boiler

Since 1970s, atmospheric hot water boilers have been widely used in China, especially in northern China. It is popular not only because of its low cost, easy manufacturing, but also because it has the characteristics of simple management, safe operation and so on. Precisely because atmospheric pressure hot water boilers have been widely used in various industries, it is particularly important to pay attention to its use, especially for new adopters, the following points should be paid more attention to:

1. The pipe diameter of atmospheric hot water boiler is the same as that of atmosphere. Under any working condition, the water mark of boiler is in the boiler with zero surface pressure. So before you use it, the user The new boiler should be inspected, especially if the diameter of the pipe meets the requirements. In addition, any valves should be strictly prohibited on the connecting pipe to ensure that the pipe is unobstructed. In general, the specialized atmospheric hot water boiler will also spray on the furnace body obvious position "the normal pressure boiler shall not be used under pressure and the outlet hot water temperature shall not exceed 90 ℃".

2. professional installation, commissioning when the first purchase of hot water boiler manufacturers will recommend that the installation and commissioning of the boiler is responsible for the professional personnel. Once put into use, non-professionals are not allowed to change the boiler structure, install system lines, valves at will. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the conversion of atmospheric hot water boilers into pressure boilers.

3. to ensure the boiler safety accessories sensitive and reliable long-term use of atmospheric hot water boilers know that regular fixed-point pressure gauges and thermometers should be professionally verified to ensure that the calibration is used within the validity period. In addition, in order to ensure the safety, sensitivity and reliability of the boiler, the operator should often flush the water level meter and check the temperature and water level control device. In the course of boiler operation, the operator should pay attention to the changes inside and outside the boiler in time to ensure the safety.

Note that the fine and coarse phase modulation in conjunction with the case of large amplitude operating parameters should be used quickly and overshooting regulating manner, so that the parameters can be changed quickly change trend, i.e. coarse. Especially when handling accident, to adjust the water level, particular attention should be. Case of an accident, such as load rejection boiler fire, etc., then the water level change is very large, and due to the influence of false water level changes very fast, requires operators responsive, and regulating. And if the mother controls the water supply system, several furnace influence each other, plus the usual low water pressure, in case of an accident, water level changes several furnaces at the same time, grab the water is serious, and therefore should be coordinated in the coarse, exchanges. Avoid artificially adjusting improper expansion of the accident. E.g. turbine load rejection while regulating the boiler water level because of improper fire; level adjustment because of improper fire the boiler is full of water; even when a boiler trip lower blower speed to the powder duct blockage caused by excessive and so on. After coarse, then stabilized when the parameter using fine control parameters for fine tuning the slow stabilized manner. For regulating steam pressure, excessive use of increased heat loss adjustment expense adjustment method, especially in powder machine speed does not fluctuate up and down sharply, oxygen fluctuate, causing the furnace combustion conditions whom are also changed, At this part of the unburned fuel losses increased significantly, a great influence on the thermal efficiency of the unit. Therefore to avoid this mode of operation, in a combustion automatically respond is monitored for fluctuations powder speed, found that excessive volatility, should be lifted automatically run, to intervene manually, artificial fine, in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the unit time.

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