Fin Tube Boiler Catalogue

Fin Tube Boiler Catalogue

Boiler equipment use in the food industry needs to pay attention to what issues? As an important special fin tube boiler catalogue equipment often use a food industry, incorrect operation perhaps a mistake, certainly there will be security problems, if we can understand and grasp the issues early in the application process needs attention, prolong the service life of the boiler together, but also to decrease and even eradicate the occurrence of security incidents. Boiler equipment use in the food industry needs to pay attention to what issues? Learn food industry boiler operator must be familiar with the principles of work-related boiler, bearing a variety of accessories, performance and operating methods. It is understood that the boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the combustion boiler has guessed chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy has a certain output of the boiler steam, hot water or organic heat carrier. The hot water or steam generating boiler may be provided directly to industrial production and people's life required energy, such as food processing industry in cooking, blanching, sterilization and disinfection. Comprehensive and carefully view before use, and the persons needs to see burning oil, and each nozzle connection, power supply and burners, pumps condition. Together, also needs to see boiler safety valve, see the pumps, sewerage is normal, view the security annex shall be in the normal position, the water level meter, pressure gauge should be in the open position, deaerator can operate normally, softened the device can operate normally and the normal water level inside the water softener, water pump operation without failure. In the meantime, the safety valve is one of the most important safety equipment boilers, can play in the overpressure timely secretion antihypertensive effect. The process of applying for a timed or manual drain timing function test, to ensure that does not render jam caused by rust safety valve malfunction problem presented. See operating condition after the power is turned on the power switch, to see whether the normal operation of each part, whether a fault signal, if it is found the problem should be the adoption of measures or to see the patches, troubleshooting. It is worth noting that the burner into active cleaning, combustion, partial load, full load operating conditions must arrive pressure, should be a regular sewage, such as a steam boiler rinse water table, the water level and check the furnace and so on.

Summary terminology fin tube boiler catalogue 1, rated thermal power: rated conditions, heat boiler per unit time can be provided, typically expressed in megawatts (MW) or kcal (Kcal / H). ≤1.4MW boiler thermal efficiency, exhaust temperature is not higher than the inlet temperature of the medium 50 ℃. Thermal efficiency> 1.4MW boiler, the exhaust gas temperature not higher than 170 ℃. 2, the cycle of water: boiler water circulation system, the amount of water recycled. Circulating water boiler G = Q * 0.86 * 10 ^ 6 / ΔtQ: boiler thermal power units (MW) Δt: access to water temperature, 3 atm unit (℃): under standard atmospheric pressure at sea level, is 101.325KPa . Pressure: atmospheric pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. Vacuum: air pressure below standard atmospheric pressure. 4, heating surface: the surface of the heat transfer medium to absorb heat from the heat medium, such as a boiler furnace, cylinder, pipe, etc.. Radiation heating surface: the radiation heat receiving surface mainly absorbing heat from the heat transfer manner exothermic medium, such as a water wall furnace, the drum abdominal wall. Convection heating surface: mainly convective heat transfer from the high temperature flue gas absorbing manner heating surface of heat, smoke is generally flush heating surface, smoke pipe, convection banks and the like. 5, the thermal efficiency of the boiler: the percentage of the effective use of heat boiler and the fuel consumption per unit time of heat. The higher thermal efficiency, better heat transfer performance. 6, steam quality: cleanliness steam, saturated steam is generally more or less saturated with trace amounts of moisture, with the difference between the steam quality than the standard amount of water. 7, fuel consumption: the amount of fuel consumed by the boiler per unit time. 8, emissions: the amount of sewage discharged boiler blowdown. 9, the natural circulation: relying on the furnace decreased working fluid between the tube and the density difference between the riser furnace actively promote water circulation boiler drum, the drum is recycled back route, the downcomer, the header, the riser pipe, tubing, etc., is introduced soda composition. Forced circulation: boiler water or steam to not only water vapor density difference as a driving force, but also provide some external pump power to circulate in the heating duct. 10, small boilers: water volume ≤50L, and ≤0.7MPa rated steam pressure steam boilers; Rated water pressure does not exceed 0.1MPa water pressure hot water boilers and hot water boilers.

Pharmaceutical fin tube boiler catalogue condensate water recovery significance of what? Pharmaceutical boiler condensate water recovery significance of what? Large pharmaceutical companies are commonly used in boiler steam boilers, boiler associated with the development of technology that many of the steam boiler is fitted with a condensing device, so, many users have doubts, pharmaceutical boiler condensate recovery significance of what ? the following Xiaobian take you to do a simple understanding. (1) The heat of condensation water contained in the still relatively high, then be recycled, handling, recycling, in view of its relatively high temperature, oxygen content is relatively small, it can reduce boiler corrosion hazards. (2) Since the rational use of the condensed water, can reduce the number of fill water into the low temperature, the fuel saving input costs to some extent, but also to enhance the operation of the boiler thermal efficiency to some extent. (3) the higher temperature portion of the condensed water, discharged out hastily, high temperatures can also cause damage to the condensed water drain pipe phenomenon. Above, is the water recovery Xiao Bian understand the meaning of condensing boilers pharmaceutical companies, on the one hand there is the effect of saving energy emissions, the indirect sense, also can reduce energy consumption, boiler water treatment costs, as well as emissions from boiler pollution phenomenon

Two of the country this year, the NLD Central Democratic National Construction Association Central and made a number of proposals, to speed up the clean and efficient use of coal mine environmental governance has become a hot topic.

NLD central in the proposal pointed out that China's energy structure adjustment should take Duocuobingju way, multi-pronged approach in phasing suppress excessive coal consumption, promote clean and efficient use of coal, etc., it is necessary to focus on environmental protection, but also to resolve the coal system pressure generated by the financial industry, but also pay attention to the industry employment situation of people's livelihood and social stability.

National Bureau of Statistics recently revealed that total energy consumption in 2018, 4.64 billion tons of standard coal, up 3.3 percent over the previous year, of which coal consumption increased by 1.0%. According to statistics, China's coal demand had reached 4.24 billion tons high point in 2013. From 2014 to 2016, coal consumption declined for three consecutive years, from 2017 to 2018 and began to grow, demand for electricity is the most important factor in the growth of coal consumption in our country return to growth.

NLD central in the proposal put forward, to change the traditional extensive coal utilization, promote clean and efficient use is an inevitable choice to realize energy structure adjustment "soft landing". As most of the early years of huge capital investment in the coal industry to achieve through bank credit, the current coal production capacity is still excess capacity, low coal prices, in this case, it should gradually promote the adjustment of energy structure through technology, etc., should not too quickly, leading to financial system pressure increases, the pressure to raise employment and livelihood.

Proposals suggest that the development of coal-based regional energy center, to achieve energy efficiency an "electricity, gas, cold, heat, water" comprehensive energy plan overall, a substantial increase in thermoelectric projects. Forced to upgrade enterprise technology through carbon taxes and sewage charges, increase the proportion of clean energy use. Regional Center for Alternative Energy Development dispersed small boilers. Accelerate the development of clean coal conversion industry, the direct liquefaction of coal, industrialization indirect coal liquefaction, coal gas, coal, ethylene glycol and other technologies to increase support development efforts.

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