Diesel Burner Boiler

Diesel Burner Boiler

The party now has a fast FGR technology and premix combustion technology such as low-emission products have been quickly occupied Beijing, Tianjin and the market, 120,000 square meters of diesel burner boiler production line 4 tireless efforts day and night to produce boiler equipment exported to the US, Russia, India, North Korea and other countries and parts of Europe, a number of countries to meet the needs of different clients.

In view of the above situation, according to the running time of the equipment, the corresponding inspection scheme should be made according to the regular inspection rules of the diesel burner boiler in the formulation of the inspection plan, and a certain proportion of non-destructive testing sampling should be arranged consciously. Handle the defects found in accordance with the rules until they are qualified to ensure that the equipment is running properly. The oxide scale measurement method should also be used to measure directly the geometric dimensions of the oxide scale attached to the surface of the pipe (heated surface pipe). The results can indirectly reflect the operation of the tube and the degree of damage, so as to evaluate the safety of the heating surface. Hardness and metallography of alloy materials It is necessary to test the values, especially for the hardness of high alloy martensitic steels here in P91 and P92. Metallographic examination is one of the most important means to examine the hardness of martensitic steels.

The electric diesel burner boiler takes the electric energy as the energy, does not have the noise, absolutely does not pollute. Using high quality copper heating tube, the surface heat load is low and the thermal efficiency is high. Adopt high-grade centrifugal glass cotton multi-layer heat preservation, imported color board outer packaging; The living body packing cover is used at both ends to facilitate installation and maintenance. 1, the advanced copper electric heating tube is adopted, its surface load is low, its service life is long. 2, the boiler soft-start soft-switch constant temperature operation, the operation load regulation range is large, the adjustment speed is fast, The operation is simple. 3, the heating element automatically adjusts the constant temperature according to the temperature difference and the change of load, and can automatically convert the input sequence, which not only saves energy consumption, but also balances the running time of each set of heating tubes Therefore, the life of uniform heating tube. 4, manual remote control integrated, using SPWM control scheme and digital power regulation soft adjustment technology combined. 5, the use of advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation, The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and other advantages. 6. The boiler uses high-quality products both at home and abroad and has been tested by the furnace to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

Gas diesel burner boiler house circulating water system is also designed to meet the following requirements: 1, should be installed on each cut-off valve or valve outlet pipe boiler, boiler feed water, the supply should be located on the water shut-off valve and check valve. 2, the parallel running hot water boiler, the control valve to be provided on each boiler inlet, so that the deviation of parallel boiler water temperature does not exceed 10 ℃. 3, parts of the high boiler outlet pipe should be installed and easy accumulation of gas and an exhaust gas collection means, an exhaust valve should be of equal DN20.4, the lower and lower recesses system, should be provided and draining drainpipe valve. 5, the water system should return water pipe facilitates the installation position Qingtao decontamination, before and after the decontamination and closing the valve should the pressure gauge, and a small charge of 1 to 2 ratio of the bypass pipe.

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