Lpg Balanced Hot Water Boiler

Lpg Balanced Hot Water Boiler

The high-function incinerator which is fully matched with the boiler is used for overall active conditioning, which makes incineration abundant, saves fuel, reduces pollution, selects ultra-fine glass cotton with high thermal insulation function, and reduces the heat dissipation loss, and the heat loss is reduced by using ultra-fine glass cotton with high thermal insulation function. The intelligent energy-saving control system is used to control the boiler and water supply, heating, automatic water temperature system, and adjust the fuel supply with different load, so as to save more energy. The method of installation is all fast-mounted boilers, small oscillation, no special requirements for the foundation, no need to anchor the ground bolt, the device is simple and easy to operate.

Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, the transformation of coal-fired boiler control policy in accordance with the latest introduction of the "not big on the small" principle to give "Yijiangdaibu" financial support to owners of units, specific subsidies are as follows:

1, for a single 1 ton / hour or more than 0.7 megawatts of clean energy and coal-fired boilers by 100,000 yuan to subsidize steam tons of standard /.

2, coal-fired heating boilers mentioned standard governance and meet the national air pollutant emission limits in particular boiler, according to subsidize 50,000 yuan / ton steam standards, subsidies does not exceed 30% of the total investment quota.

3, for a single 1 ton / hour or 0.7 megawatts of utility units (including schools, health centers, hospitals, neighborhood or township government offices and other public units) clean energy transformation of coal-fired heating boilers in accordance with the actual heating area subsidies, allowances of 100 yuan / square meter.

Gas heating boilers was far from secure residential building? In the process of gas heating boiler, the security issue is an issue of concern to us. Especially the residents of the community and other more recent focus, then gas heating boiler was far from secure residential building? Strictly speaking, need at least 500 meters, but this is not not become standard, differentiated according to the actual situation of the boiler and the tonnage , a safe distance from nature is not the same, there are far too nearly. Here is a simple example in terms of, if the neighborhood of personnel-intensive, while the tonnage of the boiler is relatively large, then the basis of the radiation area in unexpected situations, will rationalize adjustments to its distance heating, may be one km or farther. That specific reference standard in considering the premise of safety, to ensure that the heating effect gas heating boiler. Therefore, the actual distance of accounting, you can contact Zhengzhou party fast more experienced sales team, after the site visit, in order to create a more rational boiler installation program, after landing only better implementation.

Environmental management and maintenance efforts in continuous improvement, people on the ecological environment is getting high. Low thermal efficiency, high-polluting coal-fired boilers began to withdraw from the stage of social development, to be replaced by more environmentally friendly gas boiler cleaning equipment.

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