10000 Kg Diesel Steam Boiler

10000 Kg Diesel Steam Boiler

Recently, Shandong Province, issued a "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards (DB37 / 664-2019 instead of DB37 / 664-2013)". Standards will be implemented on September 7, 2019.

First, the standard applicable to the use of a single output 65t / h or more layers in addition to coal-fired burner, furnace stoker boiler or steam generator; single output 65t / h or more oil, gas, or steam generation boiler; single output 65t / h or more power using steam boilers other fuels; pulverized coal fired boilers of various capacities; various capacities gas turbine. Gas turbine integrated gasification combined cycle power generation is performed in this standard gas turbine exhaust gas as a fuel limit.

Environmental Impact Assessment II. This standard is applicable to the existing project management of emissions of air pollutants, as well as the above-mentioned new construction, renovation, expansion projects, environmental protection facilities design, environmental protection facilities acceptance, pollution permits and air pollutants after putting into operation emissions management.

3. Close the water level drain cock.

At this time, if there is a water level in the water level table, the boiler is slightly dehydrated, otherwise it is a serious water shortage.

1. When the boiler is slightly short of water, first open the water level steam plug to restore the normal operation of the water level gauge, reduce fuel and air supply, reduce combustion, slowly water to the boiler, and quickly identify the cause of boiler water shortage. When the boiler water level gradually recovers above the minimum safe water level line, the fuel and air supply are increased to restore the normal combustion of the boiler.

2. When the boiler is seriously deficient in water, the boiler should not be flooded. Because the boiler may have been dried, the boiler metal may be in a state of overheating or red burning. Once water is added, serious danger will occur. When the boiler is seriously deficient in water, it should be immediately and immediately shut down according to the prescribed procedures.

Boiler Plant softened water pollution to identify the type of boiler plants soften water pollution type of identification to identify the type of pollution to a comprehensive raw water quality, the design parameters, pollution index, running records, equipment performance indicators and Microbial be judged: ⑴ colloidal contamination: contamination occurred colloid when, usually accompanied by the following two characteristics: A, pretreatment microfilter clogging quickly, especially pressure increases rapidly, B, SDI value is usually 2.5 or more. ⑵ microbial contamination: microbial contamination occurs, the RO water through the apparatus and total number of bacteria concentrated water are high, usually have no maintenance and sterilization as required. ⑶ boiler calcium scale: can be adjusted depending on the raw water quality and design parameters. Of water in terms of carbonate, if recovery of 75%, adding the designed inhibitors, the LSI concentrate should be less than 1; LSI concentrate without scale inhibitor should be less than zero, typically It does not produce calcium scale. ⑷ available 1/4 inch plastic PVC pipe insertion component performance changes in different parts of the test assembly is determined. ⑸ determines the type of contamination of the change device performance. ⑹ available acid (such as citric acid, dilute of HNO3), and the cleaning effect The cleaning liquid is determined limescale, the cleaning liquid composition is further confirmed by analysis. ⑺ liquid cleaning chemical analysis: Take the raw water, cleaning liquid, cleaning liquid, three sample analysis.

Industrial boiler pot-treatment plant Notice industrial boiler pot-treatment plant in Note 1, the pot of water adjusted index Dosage: take the pot should regularly test the water if the water boiler index failed to promptly adjust dosing. the amount. 2, first cleaning and then scale: If the boiler has already been completed have more scale, the scale should be pre-cleared, and then using the boiler dosing process in order to avoid disaster furnace operation due to the effect of scale drug accumulation or loss caused clogging pipes. The worst case, can cause bulge or boiler tube rupture. 3, reasonable irresolute pollution: pot-effect at the Rose flower and boiler blowdown closely pot-generated slag can not speak dirt removed to prevent boiler scaling through. 4, regular inspection shutdown: pot-treatment effect can be seen only before the inspection shutdown, shutdown should generally be six months to check the word. If the cleaning effect is not ideal, should be timely adjusted. Bing pot of water to completely remove the slag or scale.

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