20 Tonh Steam Boiler

20 Tonh Steam Boiler

Xiamen Rui Yi Hotel is available straight left Gulangyu the most beautiful views of the BRIC countries delegations designated top hotels, the best location in the heart of Xiamen, modern trends and classic style pavilions. The hotel features well-appointed room service, fashion and superior restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and a gym, swimming pool and other recreational facilities, people feel contented and comfortable. Projects and programs as Xiamen Rui Yi Hotel Xiamen City landmark hotel building, attaches great importance to environmental protection philosophy, which party fast boiler manufacturing philosophy coincide. In late 2016, the two sides signed an electric 20 tonh steam boilers for hotel supplies disinfection work, since the electric steam boiler, any security incidents never happened, Rui Yi Hotel ensure normal operation.

Heating customers: heating boilers (mainly hot water, it also uses steam heating). By district heating boilers or district heating power plant extraction. Currently the northern city periphery, are under construction thermal power plants, combined heat and power were to be the most economical. Small can reduce heating boilers, clean air and the urban environment.

The advantages of condensing boilers: condensing boiler gradually into the public view, but there are still a lot of people did not know much about them, to adopt a modern condensing boiler is the latest scientific research and technology - condensing boiler technology, this technology will condense the traditional boiler with separately, can increase heat boiler in a great extent, and because it is not the use of coal, has great environmental protection. Full-featured, good quality condensing boiler not only has the above characteristics, but also has some other advantages.

In the case where the fuel consumption is constant, the lower the heating system return, the more condensing heat recovery heat recovery, the higher the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Using condensing gas boiler than ordinary gas boiler can save more operating costs.

1 million kcal / h boiler, for example, natural gas consumption of the conventional type boiler 126.5Nm³ / h (natural gas low heat value 8500kcal / Nm³), consumption of natural gas condensing boilers 110Nm³ / h, when the boiler is operating 10 hours a day, heating period of 100 days, then the use of natural gas condensing boiler annual savings 16500Nm³, natural gas price of 1.8 yuan terms, annual savings of operating costs 29,700 yuan.

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