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3. Close the water level drain cock.

At this time, if there is a water level in the water level table, the boiler is slightly dehydrated, otherwise it is a serious water shortage.

1. When the boiler is slightly short of water, first open the water level steam plug to restore the normal operation of the water level gauge, reduce fuel and air supply, reduce combustion, slowly water to the boiler, and quickly identify the cause of boiler water shortage. When the boiler water level gradually recovers above the minimum safe water level line, the fuel and air supply are increased to restore the normal combustion of the boiler.

2. When the boiler is seriously deficient in water, the boiler should not be flooded. Because the boiler may have been dried, the boiler metal may be in a state of overheating or red burning. Once water is added, serious danger will occur. When the boiler is seriously deficient in water, it should be immediately and immediately shut down according to the prescribed procedures.

Hot water china heating boiler factory is one of the important equipment for the district to provide our real estate company, and two gas hot water provide the fast boiler boiler flotilla of environmental performance, in full compliance with state regulations after smoke was detected in the rear of the boiler. And boiler operation is safe, stable, we use the very at ease. --customer feedback

Maintenance hot water china heating boiler factory hot water boiler is commonly used in the northern winter equipment. In industrial production, gas hot water boiler will be used during the winter heating, and over the winter heating season, the hot water boiler will be idle. In order to ensure the normal operation of the hot water boiler in the coming year, the idle period of maintenance can not relax. First, idle water in the boiler to be drained, ventilated place. Second, the hot water boiler furnace inspected by specialized staff to find cracks repaired, and then apply lubricating furnace or the appearance of anti-corrosion paint if necessary. Third, the disintegration, the different methods used outage duration 1, boiler water drained, draining suction process shutdown 3 days or less before shutdown Ammonia and hydrazine increase dosage, PH value to the feedwater 10 above, and then turn on the water in the furnace at a certain pressure, drained, dried retention system. 2, an amine protecting shutdown deposition method more than three days, a deposition results were better protected amine, such as pure octadecylamine protection, i.e. pure octadecylamine was added to the liquid moisture protection system before shutdown. Fourth, no disintegration, the different methods used in a length of downtime, the pressure holding process gas hot water boiler: outage 10 days or less, ammonia and hydrazine may be increased dosage before shutdown, feedwater pH is increased to the 10, to maintain the boiler pressure. 2, gas protection law: outage of more than 10 days, in the gas phase protection, this method can be long-term protection of the boiler. V. Desiccant method after maintenance outage gas hot water boiler, when the boiler water temperature is reduced to 100 ~ 120 ℃, to discharge all the water in the furnace, use of waste heat, the metal surface and drying the boiler, and the system scale and in all the water clean out slag, and desiccant in a furnace, maintaining the metal surface and dried, to prevent corrosion.

Industrial gas condensing china heating boiler factory works and the core technology of industrial gas condensing boiler, by definition, it is a condensing gas boiler. Currently, condensing gas boiler can be divided into commercial gas condensing boiler and condensing gas boiler industry. Products are also different from the horizontal condensing boiler and condensing boiler vertical. The most important is to realize the nature of condensing boilers condensing technology. The key industrial condensing gas boiler condensing boiler key point is to use the condensing technology, which is a relatively new type of energy-saving and environmental protection technology. In fact, the principle is not complicated, the simple conclusion is that to recover the heat energy of the flue gas through the flue gas condensation. In general, the traditional boiler thermal efficiency of only 85% or 91%. The exhaust gas boiler condenser temperature was lowered to 35-60 ℃, full recovery of latent heat and sensible heat in the flue gas water vapor. Maximum thermal efficiency of up to 108.9%. Industrial works condensing gas boiler works condensation gas boiler is the hot flue gas discharged from the combustion boiler (typically from about 140 deg.] C) recovering the energy, the temperature of the exhaust gas after recovering only about 60 ℃. Thus, the thermal efficiency is improved about 10%, about 10% gas savings. Meanwhile, in the process of energy recovery, it is also possible to reduce harmful emissions, reduce environmental pollution.

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