Hot Water Boiler For Chemical Plant

Hot Water Boiler For Chemical Plant

It is reported, is located in Changji City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is determined to win the battle pollution prevention and control, through the implementation of coal-fired boilers, industrial control mentioned standard, smoke dust pollution control and many other initiatives, the quality of atmospheric environment sustained and steady improvement.

This year, Changji City will continue to improve the environmental quality at the core, out to win tough fight pollution prevention, environmental protection take interviews, special inspection, etc., to strictly implement the main responsibility for environmental protection and various functional units of the company, continued to carry out inspection of law enforcement to crack down on various types of environmental violations. Intensify its efforts in the "coal to gas", "coal to electricity" and other aspects, has in the Town of sulfur heating station implemented the "coal to electricity" project, Onishi canal Heng Xin heat, car city, nine branch offices, Yihai Oil company implemented a central heating alternative project, blue mountains Tunhe polyester company implemented the "coal to gas" project. With the implementation of a key environmental projects and put into use, the construction of sky blue, green, clear water of "clean Changji," the grand blueprint is becoming a reality.

Liupanshui former gas steam boiler installation to handle documents installed gas steam boiler, should write "boiler installation started application form", and was carrying no less than the following materials to the gas boiler steam boiler for all earthly authority for examination and approval procedures for installation, approval after the order for construction: ① gas steam boiler installed original license; ② gas steam boiler installation boiler installation boiler room started the application form and engineering solutions; ③ gas steam boiler factory technical information; ④ steam boiler room floor plan and steam boiler room design information; ⑤ practitioner certificate installation companies involved in the job of workers. Former gas steam boiler installation, and installation company should also carry complete the ratification of the "boiler installation started application form" to the quality control unit for all territories gas steam boiler and pressure vessel inspection unit signed "Boiler Installation Quality Supervision, Inspection engagement letter" by the test unit values ​​for gas steam boiler installation requirements of supervision.

Henan gas boiler condensing gas boiler 1. The working principle of the gas boiler operation principle of the gas boiler is natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel gas such as city gas as fuel, the amount released by burning in a furnace, to heat water in the boiler, and which is vaporized into steam energy conversion device. Principle: water drum is continuously released from the combustion of a gaseous fuel energy to heat the furnace, raising the temperature and generating steam under pressure, since the boiling point of water increases with increasing pressure, the pan is sealed, in which water vapor limited expansion of the pressure generated by forming a heat power (strictly speaking, water vapor in the boiler drum is heated to the constant-pressure saturated water formed regasified) is widely used as an energy source. 2.Henan condensing gas boiler working principle condensing gas boiler is the working principle of the device through a certain heat boiler combustion flue gas emissions (typically at about 140 deg.] C) for recovery of energy, the exhaust gas temperature after recovery only about 60 ℃, so improving the thermal efficiency of about 10%, naturally it saves about 10% of the gas; while the energy recovery process, but also possible to reduce harmful emissions, reduce environmental pollution. 3. A gas boiler steam and boiler works Henan condensing gas compared to the traditional boiler, the exhaust gas temperature is generally 160 ~ 250 ℃, or even higher, such that combustion of the fuel produced when water is overheated in the flue gas with the smoke. gas losses through the chimney, the conventional heat efficiency of the boiler is generally only 85% to 91%. Henan condensing boiler and the flue gas temperature is reduced to 50 ~ 70 ℃, full recovery of the latent heat sensible heat of flue gas and steam, the highest thermal efficiency of up to 109%, and therefore very energy efficient. These are the gas boilers and gas condensing boiler works in Henan, the popular terms, is the use of natural gas-fired boiler to heat the water to warm or radiator heating. The condensing gas boiler condensate using the most advanced technology, it can be recycled again using the hot flue gas, it is very energy efficient.

Second, the low investment costs

If you want to reach a lot of coal-fired boiler in the use of environmental standards, need to configure ancillary equipment soot blowers, dust, slag removal equipment, fuel drying, etc., this is not a small investment costs.

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