Stong Hot Water Boiler

Stong Hot Water Boiler

2, boiler quality problems

An important problem is the quality of the selection of gas-fired boilers have to consider, to solve this problem involves two steps:

No pressure boiler what type of boiler, which is mainly used in place

Application of non-pressure boilers in our country is very wide, compared with the pressure boilers with low safety, explosion risks advantage.

Recently, the Anyang city government released the 2018 benchmark of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises citation, to be commended and encouraged Anyang nine local enterprises. I company with a solid technology skills, steady pace of development and constantly aggressive determination to win awards municipal government. As a high-tech fast square boiler manufacturing enterprises, while maintaining infrastructure, adhere to scientific and technological innovation path of development, follow the development of high-quality, strengthen management, attention to restructuring, rushed development, highlights frequent, becoming the city's technology and industrial double front of the vanguard, Anyang City for a number of honors in the country, enhance the technological competitiveness of the city.

Second, standard operation

1, boiler feed water in accordance with standard GB1576-2008 oxygen, reduce the oxygen content.

2, during shutdown, a shutdown while the boiler is in the normal high water level and normal pressure, and then close the inlet valve and the main valve, to prevent intrusion of outside air oven.

3, when the furnace is first started slightly open the main exhaust valve until the pressure reaches 0.1-0.15MPa closing the main valve to eliminate air furnace, and then open the main valve when the air supply to the rated pressure.

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