High Capability Szs Diesel Steam Boiler

High Capability Szs Diesel Steam Boiler

(8)Prevention is the main risk of Boiler SafetyWater hammer, tube burst and other accidents often occur during boiler operation. Based on the whole process of boiler management, this paper analyzes the causes of hidden troubles in boiler accidents, and puts forward effective preventive measures in the light of management practice, in which the maintenance after accident is taken as the pre-prevention. This is of practical significance to prevent boiler accidents. The following hidden dangers are the direct causes of boiler accidents: unreasonable boiler structure leads to insufficient strength of some parts, poor water circulation, thermal deviation or boiler furnace body can not expand freely, and so on. The boiler material does not meet the quality requirements; the manufacturing process is improper, and there is an internal response to the compressed parts. Force; high installation of sewage outlet, sludge can not be discharged; boiler ends without expansion sliding fulcrum, pipe expansion blocked; safety valve design unreasonable, debugging does not meet the requirements; water level meter installation position is unreasonable; The pressure gauge is not allowed or the connecting pipe is not installed as required; the explosion-proof door is overweight or the unloading area is insufficient; the smoke exhaust temperature design is unreasonable, etc. Poor management of boiler operation results in water shortage or fullness of boiler; poor management of water quality causes scaling of boiler; corrosion of metal heating surface caused by poor removal of oxygen; excessive alkalinity of boiler water caused by failure to discharge water in time; Failure to adjust in time results in poor atomization of the boiler, incomplete combustion, instability or deviation of the flame; failure of the burner itself; or The failure of the combustion system causes the boiler to extinguish, etc. To sum up, improper design and installation of boiler and supporting process, poor operation and management will result in various accidents of boiler, which will bring loss to enterprise and employee's life and property. As long as we know and master the hidden trouble law of boiler accidents, strictly control the boiler design, boiler installation, boiler use and management, and constantly improve and perfect boiler management methods, we can avoid the occurrence of boiler accidents.

Cooperation with the fast boiler really is a very correct decision of our hospital. The party quickly boiler shell not only provides us with high-quality and high-performance energy saving boiler coexist; also provides free installation and post operation and maintenance personnel training services for our system, very caring, thoughtful. --customer feedback

On the hot water boiler features introduced a, the boiler working pressure of the working pressure hot water boiler heating system rely on the flow resistance and pressure values ​​constant. Working pressure hot water boiler, the actual operation, the boiler pressure is often lower than this value, so the hot water boiler is very safe. b, and smoke and a pot of water, large temperature difference between small-scale, so that good heat transfer more efficient. c, using hot water boiler heating energy more effective. No hot water heating boiler steam heating steam loss, loss also greatly reduces the sewage treatment system and the trap has been greatly reduced leakage, heat loss is reduced. Thus, the ratio of neat heating system hot water heating system can save 20% of the fuel. d, the boiler is not allowed to have any part of vaporization, otherwise it will destroy the water cycle. E, no water, oxygen, oxygen corrosion projection; tail heating surface temperature of the acid corrosion tendency. F, precipitation from aqueous vent boiler operation, need to consider the structure of the gas elimination.

According to statistics, the number of oxygen corrosion of boiler units with varying degrees of accounting for around 10% of the total. In the 10% of the boiler, the light force receiving member wall thickness thinning, reduced life of the boiler, by weight of the element can not meet the strength requirements, repair or early retirement, more serious threat to people in the immediate life and property.

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