Automatic 1000Kg Steam Boiler

Automatic 1000Kg Steam Boiler

Third, natural gas boiler

As the name suggests, the use of natural gas as a boiler fuel, to a large extent done clean and green and energy efficient, a lot of advantages.

Scale automatic 1000kg steam boiler cleaning equipment outlined the scale is the source of all kinds of hazards cast iron hot water boiler. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of cast iron hot water boiler, the economy, the importance of timely removal of boiler scale. DESCRIPTION commonly used in boiler cleaning effective three methods: mechanical cleaning methods, pickling and descaling method boiling alkaline cleaning method. Alkaline descaling effect is worse than the boiling descaling pickling effect. However, alkali boiling, loose scale. Thus, for the removal of hard scale may be treated once prior to hydrochloric acid. Alkali cooking method is simple, relatively small side effects. The disadvantage is a long oven cooking time, the amount of multi-drug ineffective. Mechanical descaling method: when there are loose scaling and hot water boiler slag cast iron, cast iron cooling the furnace after the hot water boiler stops, with water boiler water discharge. Using the spatula, the wire brush and the motor milling tube descaling. This method is relatively simple, with a simple iron fouling characteristics of small hot water boiler. However, labor-intensive, poor cleaning, easy to damage the boiler body. Descaling pickling methods: acid cleaning method using hydrochloric acid or nitric major cleaning. Pickling with hydrochloric acid or nitric acid and a corrosion inhibitor + inhibitor composition. This not only can eliminate the acid wash boiler fouling (dirt removing nitrate, adding hydrofluoric acid), and the corrosion of the cast iron hot water boiler is also less. Pickling and descaling with dissolution, stripping and loosening effect.

Fang faster work on clean fuel boilers more than twenty years, whether it is research and development or manufacturing fields have achieved remarkable results. The launch of the "Euromonitor 5" series boilers, the company's new low-nitrogen boiler, using advanced FGR combustion technology, nitrogen oxide emissions below 30mg / m3, our first-tier cities can be used normally. Remote monitoring system is to attract the attention of the participants. Jumping curve data, real-time display operating status boiler; detailed data analysis and fault early warning program, Fang fast "black technology", making the boiler to get rid of "silly Big Ben rough" image and become intelligent high-tech incarnation.

Capacity boilers and gas fired boiler size is the same, relatively simple transformation, the host and the user need only replace the combustor can, without adjusting the auxiliary equipment and steam pipe. 2, coal-fired boilers into different types of gas-fired boilers

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