400Kg Diesel Steam Boiler

400Kg Diesel Steam Boiler

The PH value, total iron content and drug concentration should be measured twice a month in the preserved water to ensure that the preservative concentration is kept at the specified value. When the concentration of the preserver is reduced, the agent should be injected directly to keep the water quality in the system within the specified range. When the concentration in the system is not uniform or the total iron content is inclined to increase, the furnace water should be discharged once, and the furnace body should be re-filled with the feed water containing the prescribed concentration of medicament. At the end of the storage time, drain the stored water and check the boiler interior to be dried and ready to run.

Hot water boiler water level changes in the steam pressure, steam temperature fluctuations, even full of water or water accident. Therefore, the boiler in operation should be continuous so that a balanced water supply. Or ground water supply, water supply less, in order to maintain the normal water level in the water level fluctuates slightly line. Usually the normal water level in the middle of the boiler water level. In operation it should be adjusted with the magnitude of the load: low load, higher level; high load, lower level.

(2) Reasonably carry out boiler blowdown. Boiler sewage is divided into regular sewage discharge and continuous sewage discharge. Regular sewage discharge can eliminate water slag and sediment in the boiler water. Continuous sewage can reduce the salt content and silicon content of the pot water. Therefore, the boiler duty officer should strictly implement the technical measures specified in the technical standards and the operational sub-fields when carrying out the sewage discharge work.

Obtain these honors the nation's largest gas-fired boiler lab, China's first ultra-low nitrogen boiler FGR, China's first largest shell type boilers are inseparable from the party's determination to quickly adhere to independent innovation and square fast people keep trying. China Industrial Boiler Association statistics show that side quickly clean fuel boiler annual sales amount of the first nation. Last year, the company's sales revenue grew 39%, products in short supply.

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