Electrical Steam Boiler Manufacturers

Electrical Steam Boiler Manufacturers

Do you know how to determine what level of small steam boiler? Severe steam with a large amount of water, increasing the salinity of small gas steam boiler, water hammer occurs in the sound of the steam pipe, steam connecting flanges outwardly take drip; feedwater flow is less than the steam flow rate, should the tube due to tube cracking or economizer when caused by lack of water, the opposite phenomenon occurs; when a serious water shortage, the door can be seen from the red-hot water wall tubes, but also smell the burnt smell, while tube may rupture, then you can hear the explosions, steam and smoke from the door, watching the fire door ejection.

Special equipment to do the field work safety supervision, to further improve the boiler enterprise security management, implementation of corporate safety responsibility; March 13, Gaomi City, Shandong Province Security Committee held a boiler corporate safety training sessions. The meeting was attended Market Authority official in charge of the business section chief; towns full-time deputy director of the Office of District Administration of Work Safety; 402 boiler business person in charge, the Boilermakers; 157 appliances can replace the user responsible for the project.

The meeting of business leaders and boiler related use Boilermakers were safe to use boilers special training. At the meeting, Municipal Emergency Bureau is mainly responsible for a speech, requires the use of boilers enterprises to strengthen security awareness of employees, improve the professional level of employees, establish and improve mechanisms to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

How commercial gas boiler 1 that the maintenance performance of maintenance, inspection gauges, water level gauge, safety valve, the discharge device, the inlet valve, vapor valves, etc. to meet the requirements, if the switching state of the valve remaining intact. 2, check the automatic control system comprising a flame sensor, water level, temperature detection, alarm and interlock, display control system, such as performance condition is satisfactory. 3, check the water supply system, comprising a storage tank where the water level, water temperature, water treatment equipment, such as whether the symbol. 4, check the fuel combustion system comprising a fuel storage, transmission lines, combustion equipment, lighting equipment, a fuel cutoff means, pumps and other symbolic of. 5, the ventilation system, comprising a blower, fan, whether the state of the opening degree adjustment, shutter doors and ventilation ducts, such as good.

Excessive moisture content in steam boiler steam boiler steam system of hazard in the event of excessive steam water content, will constitute a steam system damage. Steam boiler system in major damage to wet steam are: 1, water droplets suspended in the steam pipeline corrosion can drop life. Replacement pipe is not as long as the cost of materials and labor, and you want some pipeline closed for repairs, it will bring some loss of production. 2, the steam contained in the steam boiler system, water droplets can damage (corrosion of the valve seat, the valve body) the control valve, so that the effect of lost, and eventually damage the quality of the goods. 3, the steam contained in the water droplets will collect on the exterior of the heat exchange water into a thin film growth. 1mm thick film of water corresponding to 60mm of iron / steel sheet or 50mm thick copper plate heat transfer, this layer of water film to change the appearance of the heat exchange coefficient of the heat exchanger, the heating time is extended, decreased production capacity. 4, wet steam with decreased total gas heat exchange device power. Water droplets occupy valuable space means boring full steam vapor will be taken to effect heat transfer. 5, the wet steam in a steam boiler system in concealing mixture of fouling in the heat exchange outer, heat exchange will decrease power. Heat exchange outer layer scale is not the same thickness, which causes different thermal expansion, a crack will occur on the outer heat exchanger. The material is heated from the condensate mixed with leak cracks, loss soiled condensate, will bring about high costs. 6, the wet steam concealing mixture control valve and steam trap fouling, will affect the operation of the valve, to add the cost of repairs. 7, wet steam boiler system, steam heating the product mixture enters the concealing eruption of steam directly, if the product requires high hygiene standards fit, becomes contaminated waste products will not be sold. 8, some processing technology is not wet steam, wet steam will eventually affect the quality of the goods. 9, in addition to the influence of the apparent power of the heat exchange outer wet steam, wet steam concealing will constitute excess water trap and condensate recovery system overload. Traps overload will condensate back, if condensed water vapor occupies space, which will reduce production capacity of processing equipment, during this period will ultimately affect the quality of the goods. 10, water droplets in the steam, air and other gases can affect the accuracy of the flow meter measuring the flow rate. Dry steam coefficient is 0.95, the configuration of the flow measurement error of 2.6%; and boring coefficient is 8.5, the measurement error will reach 8%. Means for supplying steam flow is accurate reliable data to an operator, the production technology for the process control in the best condition and to maximize the production of power, steam and water droplets so that all can not be accurately performed.

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