Steam Boiler For Dyeing

Steam Boiler For Dyeing

Three significance of using Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler

With the rapid development of economy, hot water boiler equipment has been constantly introduced and new, large and medium-sized enterprises have also changed their thinking, choosing to use gas-fired hot water boiler instead of ordinary boilers, because gas-fired boilers have environmental protection, operation safety, energy saving, According to the characteristics of intelligent control, the use of gas-fired hot water boiler equipment by users is of great significance to the country, enterprises and society, mainly in three aspects:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving-more and more toxic gases that are harmful to the human body, which are conducive to the survival of people in recent years, are becoming more and more likely to become ill. For some users who use boilers, The use of gas-fired hot water boiler equipment has become the best way to protect the environment, and only when everyone starts to pay attention to environmental protection can the environment be protected so as to create an ecological environment suitable for human habitation.

2. With the increasing popularity of gas-fired and hot-water boiler equipment, users continue to put forward higher requirements for boiler equipment, which urges manufacturers to invest more human and financial resources in research and development, with a view to continuously improving the existing process. And developed more More suitable for market requirements of equipment types.

3. Improve the competitiveness of products-in order to meet the diversified needs of the market, with the continuous improvement of production technology, gas-fired and hot-water boiler manufacturers will introduce more competitive new equipment one after another each year. With the increase of gas-fired hot water boiler manufacturers, the competition in the boiler equipment market began to gradually turn into a price war. It is not difficult to see from a quote issued by the network that the price war among various manufacturers is still going on. Users have been the last beneficiaries of the bidding war-more affordable gas-fired hot water boilers can be purchased at lower prices.

Why, sure to be hot water boiler water treatment? For hot water boilers, water treatment program is a must do, agree metal corrosion engineering equipment industry were as important. Hot water boiler proper treatment, not only can it improve the thermal efficiency of 20% -40%; also enhance the life of equipment 1-2 times, to obtain a more powerful boiler efficiency.

Effects of boiler slagging phenomenon and why should purge the boiler, it can be said to be widely used, but also in our daily lives, but also be able to see. However, whether because they have a deep understanding and comprehensive understanding, not necessarily. So, in order to achieve this goal, the following will be the theme for the boiler, to explain its work to expand the knowledge so that we can gain from. 1. boiler, heat the way it is, in general, which has several? Boiler heat transfer mode, generally speaking, there is a main heat conduction, convection and radiation heat of these three. And, in general, in the boiler, it is based on these three ways, for utilization, or in combination, thereby to improve the heat transfer performance for this purpose. 2. boiler slagging phenomenon there, then for the boiler, which will affect? There is a boiler slagging phenomenon is more common, however, if slagging quite serious, then the result will be a serious impact or consequences. The specific terms, it will lead to forced shutdown of the boiler, as well as its safety and economic performance are affected. As Clinkering, there are many, such as boiler design is unreasonable, the position of the burner is not correct, as well as improper fuel selection, are lead to slagging phenomena. 3. Why do you want to purge the boiler? Risk of explosion of the boiler purge work, its main purpose is to accumulate the fuel to be possible on these parts which furnace flue and air preheaters, or a combustible gas are discharged, to prevent the boiler ignition . Further, after the flame in the boiler, the furnace to purge duct 3 to 5 minutes, to ensure safety. Before firing, it should be purged, mainly on the safe side. Boiler, put forward three related issues, as well as the correct answer given, and the foundation is very important, so we should be good, and to grasp, so the flexibility to go into practice, so that the issue is satisfactorily resolve and increase the use value of the boiler.

To protect the economic development of enterprises, production safety running smoothly, according to Qingyang County in Anhui Chizhou municipal government air pollution control requirements, coal-fired boiler inspection pull the plug on a regular basis in October 2018.

Qingyang County Market Supervisory Authority for the county a number of companies were visited research to understand the company's current production operating conditions and problems, start from regulatory functions, for enterprise development to provide quality services, reduce business costs.

Special equipment boiler pressure is high risk, than a regular inspection cycle must immediately stop using, but they are also necessary for the production of business equipment, once the shutdown enterprises will face shutdown. Looking at business owners anxious eyes and counties actively discussing with the city center expert special inspection, and according to regulations, to quickly determine a set of effective programs and promptly inform each enterprise.

Through contact with the surrounding counties and cities to understand the relevant units of the boiler fuel change fees and counties take the initiative and boiler companies approached agreed upon with the use of rehabilitation programs, a significant reduction in transformation costs. Up to now, Qingyang County has completed 12 boiler fuel change work, the cumulative cost of more than 60 million.

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