0 5 Ton Vertical Hot Water Boiler Price

0 5 Ton Vertical Hot Water Boiler Price

Three reasons for the low nitrogen boiler was widely welcomed: the low nitrogen boiler by adding a low nitrogen processing technology, based on the safe and stable operation, but also has the unique advantages of clean and green, to obtain people's praise, then, this high-quality, durable boiler popular low nitrogen because in the end, what does? 1, adding flue gas recirculation technology professional low nitrogen boiler flue gas recirculation technology is used primarily to reduce by adding an appropriate amount of flue gas in the region of the flame burning temperature, and the combustion products of these fumes is added to the combustion zone to recirculated flue gas and to achieve the purpose of reducing the nitrogen gas generated. 2, energy-efficient and reliable low nitrogen smoke tube boiler used in the seamless pipe is of high quality and durable, it can ensure the safe operation of the exhaust passage up to a certain extent, but, no matter how much the intensity of the combustion, seamless the pipeline can be a good exhaust gas, in addition, good quality and low price of low-nitrogen boiler is further characterized by energy-efficient, capable of efficient operation at low load state, while saving energy consumption is also reduced costs. 3, the use of advanced Internet technology low nitrogen boiler control using the most advanced Internet technology to control, but also for data transmission and real-time monitoring, so that when the low nitrogen boiler operation in the event of any fault, enterprises can grasp the first time and understand the reasons for failure, and promptly make the appropriate adjustments to the machine, thus improving the production efficiency of the equipment and for enterprises to win greater economic benefits.

Since 2017, located in Changchun City, Jilin Province to accelerate the governance of coal-fired boilers within the city out of small coal-fired boilers remediation process. Up to now, the work has achieved initial success.

15 in the city with 20 kilowatts and above the coal-fired generating units, 13 units have ultra-low emissions; city table 292 with 20 t steam / hour or more coal-fired boilers, emission standards have reached the count 253 male , accounting for 86.64% of the proportion of the boiler with; the city built area of ​​10 steam tons / hour small coal-fired boilers 2962 units, out of a total of 29553 units, up 99.7% out of proportion, the basic completion of the national requirements out of the task.

In order to further improve air quality, improve people's living environment standards index, Changchun City by expanding the ban on burning area, improve the standard phase-out of coal-fired boilers, plans to use two years of urban 20 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler (kiln) furnace eliminated.

By the end of 2017, the city has eliminated 20 tons of steam / hour coal-fired boilers 964 units; at the same time to speed up the central heating and (expanding) network as well as the pace of clean energy promotion, provide for the transformation of the city's coal-fired boiler control a strong guarantee.

In recent years, Changchun City, adhere to the full implementation of coal-fired boilers governance, to improve ambient air quality in Changchun City has played a positive role. 2017, good days Changchun 276 days, compared with 2013, an increase of 35 days; heavy pollution days 10 days compared to 2013, reduced by 33 days; major air pollutants respirable particulate matter (PM10) and fine particles (of PM2.5) were 78 mg / m and 46 micrograms / cubic meter, respectively, 39.5% and 37.0% decrease over 2013.

Safety valve maintenance and safety valve in the boiler pressure vessel repair and maintenance when used in boiler and pressure vessel and pressure piping in the same job is not ignored, like a good car, do you want to have a long life good car maintenance work, after all, usually run on the device itself has more or less wear and tear to a certain extent, so the repair and maintenance work is particularly important. Safety valve, too inseparable from everyday repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance of the safety valve in the boiler and pressure vessel should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) handling of transport safety valve safety valve must be careful, can not be subjected to violent shocks, bumps or falls, there are brutal handling It may alter the safety valve set pressure and deformation of small parts of the valve, so will the safety valve sealing performance and can cause adverse effects. However, if required fitted with a crane hoist, sling or chain should be placed around the valve cover to ensure that the valve is in a vertical position, is easy to install. Not avoid the use of valve lift or transfer valve lift wrench. At the same time before the valve ready to install the system, and import cover at the exit should remain in place. (2) relief valve timing of cleaning is an effective cleaning method of extending the service life safety valve. Immersed in a suitable purge valve cap, a valve body, a protective cover for cleaning solution such as, a wire brush can be used for cleaning of the valve, since the wire brush can not damage or damage to the metal body of the safety valve, also: exterior parts such as safety valve that can protect the integrity of the safety valve to ensure it from damage. The guide sleeve and the guide surface is polished to be of fine gauze, this is necessary. (3) periodically check the safety valve like a car to do maintenance, like the timing, but also the timing of the safety performance of the valve inspection and repair. Before installing the safety valve should first be checked visually to ensure that during the conveyance is not damaged or broken. All seals and the protective material to ensure that no foreign matter incorporation of impurities. After the valve is necessary to check the safety valve or other brand identity to ensure that the safety valve manufacturers, the quality of the safety valve. Ensure the integrity of the safety valve in the pre-installation period. Finally, protect springs and the state adjusting ring, to regularly check on the safety valve prior to use, and re-do the seal.

From the regular inspection and inspection of a large number of data reports, steam boiler users do not perform oxygen removal according to the requirements of GB1576-85, can not effectively control the water supply and boiler water indicators, the boiler operation mode is unreasonable, its own structural defects, Boiler maintenance can not keep up, etc., will lead to serious oxygen corrosion of the stressed parts of the heating surface of the boiler.

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