1 Ton Three Pass Steam Boiler

1 Ton Three Pass Steam Boiler

Boiler water filling requirements and precautions Our company is specialized in boiler maintenance business, our superior product quality, reasonable price, professional and attentive service, Boiler Feed Here are some requirements and precautions: 1, water quality requirements: must in line with standard water supply. 2, temperature requirements: Sheung temperature at 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. 3, Sheung Shui time: less than 2 hours in summer and winter at least 4 hours. 4, Sheung slow speed should be uniform, control drum, the wall temperature ≤40 ℃, feed water temperature and drum wall temperature difference ≤40 ℃. 5, check the water level in the steam drum see electric contact water level gauge in the functioning of the main control room, and make an accurate comparison with two-color water level gauge readings. Two-color water level gauge water level is clearly visible. 6, according to the situation or the value of the long requirements: heating means into the bottom of the boiler.

Workflow is a boiler waste heat boiler or heat in industrial production the use of post fuel released by combustion is transmitted to water in the container, the temperature (hot) water or achieve the desired constant pressure of the steam heating equipment. It is a "pot" (i.e. pressure boiler body portion), "furnace" (i.e., combustion apparatus portion), a totality accessory instruments and ancillary devices thereof. Boiler two parts "pot" and "furnace" Meanwhile, after the water into the boiler, soda system heat boiler heating surface will absorb transferred to the water, the water heated to a certain temperature and pressure to generate steam or hot water, is drawn application. In the combustion apparatus part, continued burning of the fuel releases heat, high temperature flue gas produced by combustion heat propagation, heat transfer to the boiler heating surface, the temperature was gradually lowered itself, and finally discharged from the chimney.

Inter-regional Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. by the Pingdingshan Shenma Group and two Chinese top 500 enterprises founded by restructuring, cross-industry, cross-ownership and transnational business of large state-owned energy and chemical group, under the People's Government of Henan Province , is the most complete variety of coking coal, thermal coal production base, has Asia's largest chemical production base in nylon. Carefully selected and comparison, fast boiler Pingmei cooperation with party has chosen to provide a 2 tons of steam electric 1 ton three pass steam boiler (WDR2.0-1.25-II) by a fast side.

Acid cleaning method by using an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid or nitric acid liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated and injected into the boiler descaling. Effect scale pickling solution is the role of dissolution, peeling and loose, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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