10Tons Per Hour Steam Boiler

10Tons Per Hour Steam Boiler

Low temperature hot water boiler economizer regular cleaning to water causes and explanation: A boiler for hot water boiler which, I believe we will not feel it is strange, but should also have a certain degree of knowledge and understanding, because the site He has been engaged in the study of their work. And here, will continue, so that we become more familiar with hot water boiler, at the same time, can also complement and expand their expertise in this area, so a lot of their own benefit. 1. The low temperature hot water boiler economizer, why should be cleaned on a regular basis? This is because the low-temperature hot water boiler economizer this means that after a long time use, the efficiency of heat transfer to the heat receiving surface, due to various factors, would decline, then, will increase boiler fan output, as well as increased power consumption. In addition, there may, and will bring some security risks and other risks. Therefore, to be cleaned regularly to avoid these problems, so as to ensure the efficiency of hot water boilers. 2. pressure hot water boiler, which valves should it use? And, the need for the user's own option? Pressure hot water boiler, a valve that should be used, in general, most are disposable valve instrument, because it is more appropriate, but can also have a good effect. These valves, usually without the user's own option, when the boiler factory, the factory will be configured.

In the boiler production, daily use and installation process must be through welding treatment, then in the boiler welding problem what needs to be paid attention to? Next, we will ask the technicians of Fangkuai Boiler Factory to give us a special introduction: the boiler's furnace tube and boiler's oven box and pipe should be connected by means of welding. Only the boiler tube and the furnace box pipe welding can make it more firm. It is important to note that the heating part of the boiler should be linked by butt welding and bottomed by arc, so as to conform to the overall structure of the boiler. When welding parts of the boiler's edges and corners, it should be maintained. The roundness of the welding joint can not appear some small defects, otherwise, these are very easy to cause the operation failure and safety hidden trouble in the process of use.

Recently, the Jiangsu provincial government issued "Jiangsu Provincial Environmental infrastructure building program for three years (2018-2020 years) notice", the "notice" clearly states that, by 2020, the province's natural gas power generation installed capacity reached 20 million kilowatts, total coal consumption reduce 32 million tons more than in 2016, non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to 11%. Encourage waste incineration plants, cement plants, coal-fired power plants, organic fertilizer plant and other social resources co-sludge treatment and disposal, and given tariff or price subsidies.

Before the end of 2019, according to planning requirements cogeneration, coal-fired boilers and small coal-fired thermoelectric backward within the range of 15 kilometers radius of more than 300,000 kilowatts of heating cogeneration power plants all closed down integration, encourage the integration of southern Jiangsu shut down 300,000 a small thermoelectric fired boilers and heating within 30 km radius kW and above cogeneration plant. Distributed as the focus, ordered Qin decentralized wind power, distributed photovoltaic development, accelerate the distributed energy market transactions, and can complement other types of multi-national and provincial pilot.

Steam boiler furnace Henan cook fast boiler's 10tons per hour steam boiler small series with you about the cook stove. Clothes, steam boilers or overhaul after reassembling formally voted before the furnace should be cooked, to remove the pot rust, oil and other impurities, the inner surface of the heating surface to form a protective touch, and corrosion can be prevented to ensure the quality of steam. Steam cooking oven according to boilers using manual work requirements, and note: dosing an amount of 1; dosage level of the boiler water and the dirt capacity, the nature, the general dosage per ton of water was added sodium 2 ~ 4Kg , tribasic sodium 2 ~ 4Kg, dissolved into an aqueous solution, the air valve is opened boiler, boiler water filling to the lowest security level. 2. Steam boiler furnace during cooking; furnace should have a higher boiling water, cooking time depending on the capacity of water to the boiler furnace may be, usually 34 hours, for steam boilers in 4t / h can be reduced to 20 hours, particularly boiled furnace process generally as follows: <1> 0.2-0.3MPa ignition switch is pressed to 1 hour, at a base 0.2-0.3MPa cooking 6-12 hours (depending on the boiler capacity), while the heat bolts; 50% as for boosting working pressure for 2 hours dwell at this pressure for 6-12 hours (depending on the capacity of the boiler). <2> test boiler water; supplementary water supply and sewage should be repeated during cooking oven, boiler water taken every 3-4 hour assay, full analysis of alkalinity boiler water and acid content, alkalinity when full <45mmol / L replenish added drug, a phosphate content of post furnace stability to boiling, boiling out side that after passing shutdown 4-6 hours run at the original pressure until the boiler water temperature is below 75 ℃, boiler water may be excluded, then rinse all contact where liquid and clean. <3> boiling out eligibility criteria: a steam boiler surface without grease, rust, and form a black alkaline metal surface protective film boiling out qualified, or until a response to the second cooking oven pass up. (1) overpressure: Due to the illegal operation, safety accessories safety interlock protection device malfunction or failure of Ge, the operating pressure of the boiler drum rather than withstand the pressure of an explosion. Pressure element (2) of the boiler itself defective or damaged, under pressure to reduce its own boiler explosion caused.

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