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Gas-fired steam ukraine boiler manufacturer overpressure fault Introduction and approach: 1, boiler overpressure phenomenon of a sharp increase in vapor pressure, exceeds the allowable operating pressure, the safety valve pressure gauge pointer over the red line pressure is still elevated. b. When the interlock operation overpressure protection device, an alarm should be issued overpressure signal to stop the air blowing, the wind, coal. C. steam temperature and steam flow rate reduction increases. 2, boiler overpressure of emergency a. Weakened rapidly burning, manually open the valve or bleed valve. B. to increase the water supply, while the lower reinforcing blowdown drum (It should be noted at this time to maintain the normal water level of the boiler), in order to reduce the temperature of the boiler water, thereby reducing the pressure in the boiler drum. c. If the safety valve pressure gauge malfunction or all of the damage, emergency shutdown, safety valves and pressure gauges are to be repaired after the boost operation. D. When the boiler and endanger the safe operation excessive pressure, blood pressure should take measures, but too fast buck is strictly prohibited. e. When the boiler overpressure eliminate serious, to the shutdown of the boiler internal and external inspection, to eliminate the overpressure caused by deformation, leakage and other safety accessories and repair failed. News / hot water boiler knowledge

Small gas steam ukraine boiler manufacturer described: small gas refers to gas steam boiler steam boiler unit with a smaller amount of steam used for the vertical structure of such a multi-boiler, a combustion mode set under machine, double return configuration, fuel combustion, boiler stable; inserted spoiler smoke tube, smoke slow speed, increase heat transfer, a high thermal efficiency, and reduce cost. Small gas steam boiler furnace using non-vertical tube and a return structure. Effectively increasing the flue gas to the furnace heat transfer large water, thermal efficiency, good energy saving effect. Tubeless designed so that the product will not fouling burning, heat is uniformly transmitted to the heat transfer fins and the tube wall, avoiding stress, extending the service life. Compared with similar products, having a combustion chamber, low furnace outlet temperature, threaded pipe main convection heating surface, the upper portion of the smoke chamber heat recovery heat exchanger may also be mounted to maximize energy savings.

Boiler equipment belongs to special, complicated structure design, operating environment is more severe, during use, is often influenced by temperature and pressure stresses and alternating. If long-term use down, inspection and maintenance neglect ukraine boiler manufacturers, boiler operation will likely cause reduced efficiency and security risks. Once accidents, often fatal. But many companies and personal security awareness is not strong, it is still a long time to run the boiler inspection, inability to control the operation of the law of the boiler, there is a big security risk.

Recently, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province for coal-fired boilers Market Authority has embarked on a comprehensive inspection operations, according to "comprehensive coverage, thorough investigation, replicability, results-oriented" principle, the use of coal-fired boiler business diagnostic investigation, and effectively eliminate security risks.

City Supervisor Bureau focus on verification of the actual use of coal-fired boiler units, using the address, use, heating, technical parameters, test status, filing one by one, do on-site inspection records strict accordance with relevant provisions, retained image data. To phase out coal-fired boilers to be found in the inspection, and urge the relevant units to implement the safety responsibility, and return in time for retirement procedures using the registration certificate. So far, the council has issued eight safety supervision instructions to complete the verification of the use of 14 units of 45 coal-fired boilers and filing, of which three units have been deregistered 15 piece of equipment.

Secondly, the electric control box, water pump motor and other parts should be avoided in order to prevent the burning of water, the ukraine boiler manufacturer should pay attention to keep clean, in accordance with the relevant boiler water quality requirements, be sure to install water softeners when using water softeners, because not using water softeners will cause the boiler to scale. When severe, it will cause tube burst to reduce boiler life.

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