Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer For School

Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer For School

Select the textile mill steam boilers need pay attention to what our country is not only a large agricultural country, but also a major industrial country, the use of steam boilers more and more enterprises. Steam boilers for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, chemical plants, cement plants, steel mills and other thermal energy, these companies plant an important and indispensable component. Even some plants need to arrange inspection departments of routine testing boiler water ph value meets the needs of process water. Visible status steam boiler in the enterprise is still very important. 1, first of all good safety performance, good safety performance steam boiler is worthy of our choice. When we discuss what a good quality steam boiler? Generally assess its safety performance. Steam boiler explosion message appears often on television and in newspapers, national authorities will also be listed as accidents. As can be seen, in the first place it should be safe factory production, so need to choose from a manufacturer steam boiler trusted to ensure safety. 2, energy saving and environmental protection in recent years, in order for residents to return to the blue sky, the State Environmental Protection Agency inspection of the factory air pollution is particularly strict, while the country has been promoting energy conservation in heavy industry. Specializing in the production can also be optimized to improve the steam boiler section, making it meet the national standard industrial energy efficiency and environmental protection. 3, after-sale protection, then, we should choose those aftermarket manufacturer warranty. If the steam boiler failure, hot water or steam supply system will be cut, the plant will not be able to continue production. If a glitch occurs, the plant can repair overhaul, major fault will need to notify the manufacturer's service sector, and therefore the need for timely and responsible for after-sales service.

The party hot water boiler manufacturer for school output fast enough to provide high efficiency, give us save a lot of fuel costs, and exhaust gas discharged tested in full compliance with environmental regulations on emissions of air pollutants in Henan Province. Fast boiler responsible attitude also left us with a deep impression, overhaul maintenance problems for a number of aspects of boiler operation and post, sent a very professional technical staff and our butt, fireman guide our people, for the quick sale of party, we are also very satisfied. --customer feedback

Characteristics of vertical boiler: the combustion section with double acting grate combustion chamber, heating up, fast boosting of unburnt gas through the secondary combustion, functions as combustion, smoke, dust. Bending the upper furnace tube arrangement convection heating region, disposed in the lower furnace grate tubes and radiation heating furnace area, structure of the furnace and the flue gas flow, reasonable layout, good heat transfer, the boiler reasonable design, simple structure operation, easy maintenance, small footprint, less investment in infrastructure, is ultra-compact with gasoline and one of heating equipment.

Issues related to pressure test of the boiler 1, the boiler pressure test what? Boiler pressure test pressure test is divided into working overpressure test of two. Hydrostatic test purpose is to test the strength and tightness of the pressure member. After the pressure member is generally repair, such as repair or replacement of part of the valve, the boiler tubes, headers, etc., and the boiler, a small repair work should be carried out after the pressure test. After installation of the new boiler repair boilers and boiler to replace a large area of ​​the heating surface, the operating pressure should be 1.25 times the over-pressure test. 2, how to prevent the boiler pressure test overpressure? Operating a water pressure test is an important relationship between the safety of the boiler must be careful to note: should carefully check the pressure gauge into the situation before (1) pressure test. (2) to the exhaust air accident drainage gate power is turned on, flexible switch, exhaust, water discharge flow line. (3) Test should have Chief Engineer professionals in the field, or a command specified by the person controlling the boosting speed can not be midway substitutions. (4) from the boiler pressure, off a small inlet damper, controls the boost speed does not exceed 0.3MPa / min. (5) to boost the operating pressure of the boiler 70%, also due to slow speed boost, and make prevents overpressure safety measures. 3. What pressure test eligibility boiler? (1) when the door is completely closed from Sheung timing smin the pressure drop: not more than 0.2 a high-pressure boiler for qualified 0.3MPa, pressure in the boiler does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa acceptable. Pressure boiler pressure drop is less than 98kPa qualified per minute. (2) pressure members, and the weld metal wall and no mist droplets. (3) no residual deformation of the pressure member signs.

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