Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

Precautions gas steam energy saving boiler for hospital gas steam boiler installations are typically used in business have a larger volume, a higher heating characteristics, therefore enterprises should choose the right products according to their needs. After the easy to use gas steam boiler buy back, but also sales units and boiler docking, ask staff to come to arrange installation. Gas-fired steam boiler products installed it properly, and there is a direct relationship between the adequacy of its combustion, so when installing gas steam boiler note the following. First, the need to meet the requirements for the insulation article and the refractory insulation material inside and outside the gas steam boiler, special attention needs to ensure that in place, to prevent use by later installed in place, failure caused by heat boiler, in particular gas steam boiler removal is extremely inconvenient, not only the need for maintenance downtime, manufacturers also need to spend a lot of money and manpower, and these are not careful when you install the resulting waste of resources. Second, note that the vertical spacing of rows and Kun gas steam boiler is usually professional installers, the size of the furnace building will be correct and accurate calibration, but requires special attention vertical cold wall of the duplex pipe in the installation of the exhaust pipe and spacing between, but in fact it will have a direct impact on the stability of the late stage of the gas steam boiler. Third, pay attention to check the matter before the brickwork after installation of gas steam boiler also needs to be pressure test, which is an extremely important step after the installation is complete, while also conduct a detailed inspection of the furnace building, ensure that can meet demand, because the details to avoid problems when installed, caused because the installation is not working is not the case in the late meticulous gas steam boiler. These are some of the issues most useful when installing gas steam boiler should be noted, gas steam boiler manufacturers only in accordance with the actual environment and installation instructions, to carry out strict and meticulous installation, and for some easily lead to late boiler installation details appear unstable special attention, in order to install a stable and reliable gas steam boiler products.

After the energy saving boiler for hospital superheater tube leak cut off, why in the vicinity of the superheater tube is easy to over-temperature? Superheater tube weld leakage or damage due to overheating the superheater tube leak, except in special circumstances, welding or inability to replace the entire root large workload, the approach generally taken damage superheater tubes the two sealed cut . Damage to the superheater tubes because there is no cooling steam, due to severe overheat quickly broken off, so that between two adjacent rows of superheater tubes form a larger flow cross-section a so-called "corridor smoke." Flue gas flow corridor less resistance, high flue gas velocity, so that improved heat transfer coefficient of the exiled fireside; the presence of the flue gas flue gas corridors radiating layer thickness increases, radiation heat transfer coefficient is improved. Since the main thermal resistance of the heat transfer tube side of the superheater in the flue gas, the flue gas side heat transfer coefficient is improved necessarily superheater flue pipe corridor on both sides of heat absorption increases. Superheater absorption heat increases, not only the temperature difference between the wall and the vapor temperature was raised and steam is increased, so that the superheater tube wall temperature of the flue gas on both sides of the corridor significantly increased.

We learned from Zhenjiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to further promote the Battle of Blue Sky, enhance air quality, the city actively carry out biomass energy saving boiler for hospital investigation and remediation work has been completed seven bathrooms demolition of straw biomass boiler work in built-up urban area .

Biomass boiler pollution remediation has been a major focus of air pollution control, some of the city bathhouses, hotels, restaurants in the use of raw materials process boilers, illegally blended with coal, waste wood, waste and other substances, not advanced treatment of smoke, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants directly into the atmosphere, some impact on air quality.

According to relevant regulations, Zhenjiang city, the city built the region prohibited the use of straw biomass boilers, the current investigation and the bathroom were 10 straw biomass boiler, in which 7 have been removed, two shutdown ready transformation. At the same time, straw biomass boiler outside the urban area will be completed before the end of June classification renovation work, all dedicated boiler using biomass briquette students, prohibit blended with other fuels, coal, wood, etc., and must complete the construction of the bag efficient dust embodiments, emissions guarantee compliance.

What practices of industrial gas energy saving boiler for hospital industrial gas boilers need to comply with what practices need to comply with? Industrial gas boiler is a heavy power equipment, chemical industry, light industry and other industries that must be used, with him, in order to ensure the orderly conduct of production. To avoid the boiler due to unforeseen danger to life and property safety, boiler operator must pay attention to these guidelines in their daily work. Check valve instrument prior to use to check out the gas meter valves and main valve, in the pipe to be replaced to close it. When the door is opened, the situation should be noted that in the furnace, especially if gas leakage occurs. If you find a leak, you can not timely inspection and repair to ensure the safety before ignition. We can not have water inside the chimney flue, and should always be kept clear. Diesel is not allowed to place explosive and explosive products and other products around the boiler and set aside sufficient area of ​​safety devices. Before starting the purge blower before ignition, and opening the air valve to each burner lips purged. Ignition, fire and other gases to pay attention, do not put the car before the horse, in order to avoid an explosion. If you experience a sudden accident power failure, the blower is stopped suddenly, need to immediately close the gas valve and the air valve all combustion mouth, and time to open the door when necessary to prevent accidents. Industrial gas boiler installed alarm once gas leakage phenomenon, alarms will sound immediately notify the operator of the boiler safe handling.

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