High Effiency Industrial Steam Boiler

High Effiency Industrial Steam Boiler

Recently, the field of ecological environment of Shanxi thorough investigation of illegal activities, promotion of eco-environmental quality of Shanxi be greatly improved, the central group held a provincial environmental inspectors rectification illegal sewage major renovation "Hundred Days cleared" special action mobilization meeting, asked the province up and down quickly action to ensure that the "Hundred Days cleared" special action to achieve tangible results.

"Clear Days" special action include 10 aspects: the central environmental protection inspectors and inspectors "looking back" clear feedback issues; national air pollution control and strengthen supervision and three cities in northern Shanxi air pollution control special inspection found problems rectification task clear; focus on the problem of sewage from polluting units cleared; "ban on coal zone" bulk coal cleared; "scattered dirt" enterprise is cleared; key areas of coal-fired boilers cleared out of the task; urban area construction site dust pollution problem is cleared ; diesel truck phenomenon of black smoke cleared; cities above the county level and type of surface water environmental violations centralized drinking water source protection areas cleared; annual key water pollution control project is completed cleared.

Clear focus: focus on examination of 624 key polluting units of pollution control facilities, operation and pollutant emissions. Implementation of the rectification May inform the Provincial Department of environment and supervise the handling of seriously overweight key sewage units - one by one to verify the fourth quarter of 2018, in 2019 the Department of Ecology and Environment informed the first quarter supervise the handling of seriously overweight key polluting units, 2019 1 situation and the implementation of administrative penalties.

Specific objectives: In addition to coal coal ban areas, central heating and raw material coal companies, prohibit the storage, distribution and burning of coal and its products, slashing the average concentration of sulfur dioxide in the ambient air quality.

Clear focus: the use of coal for municipalities within the scope of "no coal zone" in the home spot checks to ensure that alternative livelihood and heating coal for clean energy or clean heating methods is strictly prohibited within the store "ban on coal zone" sales and burning the behavior of coal and its products.

Clear Focus: targeted surveillance cities out of the task list of coal-fired boilers. In built-up areas to ensure that municipalities and districts out of 35 tons and coal-fired boilers, county (city) eliminated the basis of built-up area and 10 tons of coal-fired boilers on October 1, 2019, Taiyuan, Yangquan, Linfen City, Jinzhong city, four global, Luliang Fenyang, Xiaoyi, the text of water, Jiaocheng, Yuncheng salt lake, Wenxi, Xinjiang, Jishan, Hejin global phase-out of 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, Changzhi city completed 35 tons of steam out of the task more than 50% of the amount of coal-fired boilers, Jincheng complete 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers eliminated within the municipal area.

Important role heating stove heating stove manufacturers is how to embody the temperature? Important role heating stove heating stove manufacturers is how to embody the temperature? Drum is heated and evaporated, and the hub is connected substantially demarcation point during overheating. Drum respectively economizer outlet water wall, and thermal drop tube connected to form a natural circulation circuit. After preheating feed water economizer away drum; via natural circulation boiler water starts to evaporate at a lower water-cooled wall, soda mixture formed is separated and saturated steam within the drum; saturated steam enters the superheater for superheating steam drum We can ensure that any conditions superheater import is always saturated steam.

Analysis of gas boiler flue gas temperature reduction effect gas boiler exhaust gas temperature of the flue gas dispersed drop impact profiling high effiency industrial steam boiler flue gas contains much sensible heat and latent heat, plenty of flue gas using heat power consumption can be reduced, and the end pollutant emission reduction. Higher natural gas boiler flue gas moisture content, water vapor condensation process will release a lot of latent heat of vaporization, a lot of water occur together, and less impurities in natural gas, condensed water is relatively clean, so flue gas waste heat recovery of natural gas has become a hot research . In the heating system, gas-fired boiler flue gas heat recovery can adopt different skills roads. The most common is the addition of the condensing heat exchanger in the practice of tail gas boiler, heat transfer in this area of ​​research include theoretical and experimental research [1-4], enhanced heat transfer and corrosion research [5-7], condensation heat transfer equipment use equipment development and demonstration projects, etc. [8-9]. Boiler flue gas at a dew point of about 55 ℃ (excess air coefficient 1.15), only the heating medium temperature of less than 55 ℃ ability to recover the heat of condensation in the flue gas heat recovery better effect even at 30 deg.] C or less competence . In the category of central heating, hot net return water temperature above 50 ℃, and therefore can not recover the full flue gas condensation heat. This additional condensing heat exchanger directly in the tail gas boiler often only way to recover some of the latent heat of flue gas condensation heat is not the end of the depth to recover.

Multiple parallel high effiency industrial steam boilers, if a boiler is not operating at full load state, whether the pressure of the boiler can reach the set value?

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