Corn Cobs Fired Boiler In Bangladesh

Corn Cobs Fired Boiler In Bangladesh

The use of low nitrogen condensing gas corn cobs fired boiler in bangladeshs What are the advantages?

1, capacity scalability good

Concept of corn cobs fired boiler in bangladesh discharge:

1. In order to control the quality of boiler water to meet the prescribed standards and to keep impurities in boiler water within a certain limit, it is necessary to constantly remove salt-containing, alkali-rich furnace water and deposited slag, sludge and loose sediment from the boiler. This process is boiler discharge.

2, discharge mode: boiler discharge can be divided into two types: continuous discharge and regular discharge. Continuous sewage discharge, also known as surface discharge, requires continuous discharge of part of furnace water from the highest concentration of salt and alkali in furnace water, in order to reduce salt, alkali, silicic acid and suspended refuse content in furnace water. So the continuous discharge pipe is located at the 80~100mm under normal water level, and the regular discharge mainly removes the sediment such as slag and mud in the furnace, so the sewage outlet is mostly located in the bottom of the drum and the bottom of the header. The periodic discharge operation time is short, should choose in the boiler high water level, low load or pressure fire condition to carry on the discharge. On a small boiler It is often installed only with regular sewerage.

February 21, spring day, the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of China Zhi Gong Dang, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Jiang Zuojun director of the Central Monitoring Committee accompanied by relevant leaders of Anyang, fast Boiler visit the company headquarters and to carry out research. Jiang Zuojun first visited the company's R & D Center Exhibition Hall, a detailed briefing accompanied by Mr. Luhai Gang's Group President. Mr. Jiang Zuojun listened carefully to the President on various aspects of History and products, production technology, market applications and so on.

Cleaning of Natural Gas BoilerNatural gas corn cobs fired boiler in bangladesh after a period of time will have scale, rust and other problems, which requires us to clean up equipment from time to time. Natural gas boiler cleaning is not like our daily necessities cleaning, see how this article is introduced. After a long period of operation, the natural gas boiler inevitably has the problem of scale and corrosion. The main reason for the formation of the scale in the boiler is that there is a hardness component in the feed water, and after continuous evaporation and concentration at high temperature and high pressure, A series of physical and chemical reactions take place in the furnace, resulting in the formation of a hard, dense scale on the heated surface, resulting in a decrease in the heat transfer effect and corrosion factors under the scale, which will lead to a pot The water wall furnace heat absorption decreases, the boiler outlet temperature increases, and the boiler loss increases. At the same time, after scaling in the water wall, the heat transfer effect is reduced, which may lead to the increase of the wall temperature of the water wall and the explosion of the water wall, which affects the safe operation of the natural gas boiler. Scale is the first harmful factor of boiler, and the main cause of boiler accident. Its harmfulness is mainly manifested in the waste of a large amount of fuel: because the thermal conductivity of scale is only a fraction of that of steel, the heat transfer will be blocked after scaling on the heated surface. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, it is necessary to raise the temperature on the side of the fire so as to cause the heat loss caused by outward radiation and exhaust smoke. Now you can. The gas-fired boiler is cleaned with high-efficiency environmentally friendly non-corrosive cleaning agent. The cleaning agent completely dissolves the cleaning scale, which makes the tube of the equipment exposed to the original metal color, and reduces the influence of scaling and biological algae sludge on the gas-fired boiler. At the same time, it can peel off iron oxide and ferrous oxide, prolong the service life of gas-fired boiler, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. Natural gas boiler cleaning should be carried out by professional cleaning companies to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning equipment.

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