14 Ton Condensing Water Boiler Price

14 Ton Condensing Water Boiler Price

Simply put, gas steam boiler is to achieve chemical energy into heat energy of a carrier. Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel gas such as city gas released by combustion heat is transmitted to the water in the boiler, so that the water temperature increases, the output rises to a certain temperature after high-temperature steam, and then fed through the steam pipe production plants, for Production and processing.

In general, the design of the hotel are large in size, number of rooms, the system is more complex. Usually five or more layers, or an area of ​​more than 3,000 flat heating plate for the installation of some of the proposals, a portion of the hot water pressure tank provided with or look open tank, the pressure tank is relatively simple system, (typically small-scale hotels will use pressure tank), open tank depends on the position of the entire system is installed, if the upstairs is relatively simple, but if you put in the basement boiler room, you need to increase booster pump or variable-speed pump. So we want to reduce upfront cost of the cost of the hotel, as far as possible the entire heating system installed on the roof position.

How to ensure the safe operation of gas boilers: gas boilers to clean, energy-saving advantages, more and more customer's favorite, is now one of the leading manufacturers of various power equipment, its safe operation is particularly important, then, how gas-fired boiler in order to ensure safe and smooth operation it?

2019 Beijing ISH fair as promised, fast Boiler another outstanding performance and overall strength, won the attention of those present. In the booth fast boiler and a variety of low-nitrogen series of new products at the show stunning debut, became very attractive in Hall E2 bursting exhibition. In the booth, businessmen from across the country sitting together, Consultant fast low nitrogen boiler product performance situation, but also other fast proprietary remote monitoring system is full of interest; more admiring friends, in the initial communication after, have leave contact information, and field sales engineer long talk fast square details of cooperation;

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