China Gas Hot Water Boiler Prices

China Gas Hot Water Boiler Prices

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as China's key high-tech enterprises, has great influence in the pharmaceutical industry. In early 2017, two-Heron relevant person in charge to get in touch fast boiler, double-Heron Pharmaceutical according to demand, our company to provide a 1-ton split steam condensing steam boiler, and is responsible for subsequent transportation, installation and commissioning work .

What is the advantage of heating BoilerHeating boiler is a china hot water boiler prices which adopts hot water circulating pump circulating boiler and hot water in heating pipe to meet the heating requirement. This equipment is widely used in government organs, enterprises, factories, hospitals and schools. Hotels, hotels and other enterprises and institutions use. Heating boilers are also known as heating boilers, officially known as hot water boilers, belong to the boiler life range. What is a heating boiler? Heating boiler is a manual or microcomputer automatic control, the use of hot water circulation pump and heating pipe heating water to meet the heating requirements of hot water boilers, this equipment is widely used in government agencies, enterprises, factories, hospitals, science Schools, hotels and other enterprises and institutions to use. 1, computer-type hot water boiler controller, all functions are miraculously stored in an intelligent chip, the boiler switch on one button, automatic timing, constant temperature operation, users can set the start, Stop time, set up complete center, bath center and other enterprises. After completion, there is no need to be on duty, save work, save labor. 2, equipped with imported brand burners, high degree of automation, automatic cleaning according to controller instructions, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, automatic proportional adjustment of air, oil (gas), stable performance, Safe and stable, good combustion effect. And equipped with fire protection devices to ensure safe operation. 3 Fire pipe plug-in flame retardant spoiler, slow down exhaust speed, enhance heat transfer, smoke temperature in smoke chamber low, reduce heat loss, save fuel. 4, large font display water temperature, easy to master boiler and system operation, The water temperature can be set arbitrarily from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃, the boiler automatically enters the system for heating or provides the user with life, the bathtub hot water. 5, the control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the temperature of the furnace, and the furnace water sets the upper limit of the water temperature when the hot water circulating pump starts up. Lower water temperature lower than hot water circulation pump stop. 6, horizontal gas-fired hot water boiler for three return to the whole wet back structure, the use of large-sized furnace, coarse smoke pipe design, to increase the radiation heat absorption inside the furnace Energy saving is effective. Using spiral tubes and corrugated furnaces, the heat transfer effect is greatly improved, fuel consumption is greatly saved. 7, the machine is equipped with overheat protection (furnace temperature is high, burners automatically stop working and buzzing alarm, secondary superheat protection (boiler shell temperature is more than 105 ℃), Automatic cut off secondary circuit), anti-dry water protection (furnace water level below very low water level, boiler stop working and buzzing alarm), boiler leakage protection (control system to detect leakage, short circuit, will automatically cut off the power supply). 8, When the boiler is in the atmospheric pressure structure design, the boiler is in the pressure state, there is no hidden danger of safety. 9, adopt the advanced centrifugal glass cotton Multi-layer insulation, famous white color plate for packaging, heat dissipation, rust-proof beauty. 10, heating boilers are widely used in homes, villas, hospitals, schools, hotels

How to judge whether the burning oil and gas boiler is extinguished or not?

The indication value of the negative pressure gauge of the fuel gas boiler furnace suddenly increases; the inside of the furnace becomes black, the flame is not seen by the fire hole; the burning sound of the furnace disappears; the fire monitor emits a fire extinguishing signal; the temperature and air pressure drop sharply, and the water level drops first and then rises. These are all flameouts. If the auxiliary fan accident causes a flameout, if the power supply of the induced draft fan or blower is interrupted, there will be an accident signal; if the fuel supply is interrupted, the boiler fuel or gas pressure will drop to zero.

Henan daily operation of the gas boiler 1. Contact chemical maintenance, turbine attendant prepare enough desalinated water, oxygen, water passing temperature no higher than the drum wall temperature 50 ℃; Sheung during hot drum wall temperature should be , metal temperature is not more than 40 ℃. 2. After the new installation or repair before Henan Gas Boiler Feed recorded once ministries indicate expansion. 3. Sheung summer time less than 2 hours, at least 4 hours in winter, when the temperature and Sheung drum wall temperature difference of less than 40 ℃ 4. How Henan gas reheater boiler corrosion protection? (1) turbine playing gate , to ensure that a boiler blower, preferably a cross ID fan, two reserved oil gun. (2) open to the air reheater exhaust steam reheater hydrophobic air door and the door be preserved, to be preserved reheater predetermined temperature below 400 deg.] C for steam. (3) controlling the drum water level within an allowable range. (4) to ensure that the chamber negative pressure 50--100Pa, each of the flaps open, baffle for ventilation less than 5 minutes, stop sending, Fan, each of the flaps closed tailgate may be appropriate to accelerate Sheung speed.

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