Vertical Diesel Boiler

Vertical Diesel Boiler

To do a solid job Huoqiu County 35 tons of steam per hour and less industrial coal-fired vertical diesel boilers as well as glass, ceramics industry, coal-fired kilns clean energy alternatives work, according to "Anhui atmosphere to do on the issuance of <35 hour Anhui cities and built-up areas tons of steam coal-fired boilers and the following industry and glass, ceramic industry, coal-fired kilns clean energy alternative implementation of the program "notice" (Anhui atmosphere do [2018] No. 11), "Lu'an office atmosphere on the issuance of

A scoping

1, in the present embodiment "industrial coal-fired boilers" refers to coal as the fuel, steam or hot water for industrial enterprises, primarily to meet the production process, the power (accounting for 50% or more) and the like required for the boiler, free professional heating companies coal-fired boilers.

2, in this embodiment, "glass, ceramic industry, coal-fired kiln" refers to coal as the fuel, comprising a direct-fired coal preparation or coal as a raw material gas-segment, two-stage gas furnace, firing, heating the finished product facility.

3, the program of "built-up area" means Huoqiu county area (county towns and the former North Industrial Park), Anhui Huoqiu Economic Development Zone, excluding the township.

4, in this embodiment, "clean energy" refers to electricity, natural gas, coal gas clean large, clean oil (alcohol) and all other non-renewable energy sources of renewable energy.

Whether it is from the point of view of environmental protection or energy transformation, industrial vertical diesel boilers will be faced with the transition from the extensive to the development direction of energy saving. Out of high pollution and low efficiency of coal-fired boiler, into the use of high efficiency, low pollution gas boiler, is imperative.

Gas vertical diesel boiler safety practices: now get the increasing popularity of gas-fired boiler, we buy into a suitable gas boilers, but also to learn specific security practices, to ensure that the boiler get more long-term, safe operation.

We have six tons of gas hot water vertical diesel boiler, for example, calculate how much it costs to run the calculation. 1, fuel costs six tons full load operation of a gas boiler, a one-hour air consumption = thermal efficiency of the boiler output ÷ ÷ gas heating value = 6 × 600000kcal ÷ 0.99 ÷ 8500kcal / h = 427m³

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