Boilers Prices South Africa

Boilers Prices South Africa

Shutdown of the need to submit reports and grate-fired boilers prices south africas Category: boiler shutdown, need to fill in what report? 1 ton of flue gas of coal-fired boilers, how much is? And, What is the grate-fired boilers? What are the specific species that have? These are on the boiler, and also we do not know and understand, so the following immediately to give a specific answer, so that we can have a correct understanding, thus, know how to properly answer. 1. boiler shutdown do not, what should Boiler Inspection report submitted? Boiler shutdown is not the case, then, should the boiler inspection by a "boiler Disable Report" submitted, its main purpose is to type when the boiler inspection, can be used to prove that there is no use, so you can not carry out routine inspection, thus, eliminating annual fees, as well as a safety valve check fees, these fees.

The common corrosion of industrial boilers prices south africa is mainly oxygen corrosion and scale corrosion, and the main measures to prevent it are as follows:

1 do a good job in water supply treatment: Dissolved oxygen, iron ions and low pH values in the feed water all contribute to corrosion of boiler metals. Therefore, water supply should be deaerated as far as possible, feed water pH value should be greater than 7; Attention should be paid to the control of iron ion content for the recovery of steam condensing water for feedwater. Sometimes the condensation water usually contains yellow rust water as soon as the steam system is started. At this time, it should be properly discharged until the iron content is qualified before it can be used as boiler feed water.

2 keep the water quality of the pot up to standard: Generally speaking, too high salt and chlorine content in pot water, too low or too high pH value and alkalinity will increase corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to discharge water reasonably, maintain a certain pH value, alkalinity and PO43- content of boiler water in order to keep the quality of boiler water up to standard, which can not only prevent scaling, but also be beneficial to anticorrosion.

3 prevent subscale corrosion: After scaling on the heated surface of the boiler, the pot water infiltrated under the scale will be extremely concentrated at high temperature and chemical reaction will take place, resulting in all kinds of scale corrosion, but the coverage of the scale is often difficult to detect. Therefore, boiler scaling should be cleaned and removed in time.

4. To form a protective film on the surface of the metal: For newly installed boilers, a good cooking effect should enable the metal surface to form a complete passivation protective film. Under the operating conditions, when the pot water maintains a suitable pH value (generally 10 μ 12) and a certain amount of phosphate and carbonate, it is also helpful to form a dense protective film on the surface of the metal and slow down the corrosion. However, if the boiler water quality is not well controlled, especially if the pH value is too low or too high, the protective film will often be destroyed.

5 do a good job of shut-down and maintenance: The corrosion of many boilers is often caused by improper maintenance when the boiler is shut down, and the corrosion products produced when the boiler is shut down are often accelerated when the boiler is in operation. Therefore, when shutting down the furnace, the maintenance work must be done in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

Further promote air pollution control work, the Office of the ecological environment of Shanxi publicly stated: Shanxi Province will strictly control the total coal consumption; reduce the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption; Where ban on coal sales area of ​​coal and coal products, both will be subject to heavy penalties.

Shanxi Province has also developed regulations, Municipal People's Government in accordance with the requirements to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, urban built-up area designated as the ban on coal zone, and gradually extended; counties (cities, districts) People's Government may delineate the scope of ban on coal zone according to the actual situation but life should be a primary consideration the needs of local residents. In addition to coal coal ban areas, central heating and raw material coal companies, prohibit the storage, distribution and burning of coal and its products.

At the same time, governments at all levels in Shanxi province will also strengthen civil bulk coal management, prohibit the sale, does not meet the civil standard of quality coal for coal; prohibition of lignite, coal washing, slime and other low-quality, low-grade coal as a civilian coal use. Various localities will accelerate the cogeneration and district heating coal heating in the region. In the central heating pipe network coverage area, prohibit new construction, renovation, expansion of distributed coal-fired heating boilers; central heating pipe network coverage prior to the completion of use of scattered coal-fired heating boilers have been built and can not meet emissions standards coal-fired heating boilers, demolition will be completed within the deadline.

For violation of the provisions, sales do not meet the quality standards of civilian coal for coal, or the ban on coal sales coal region and its products, the people's government above the county level by the market supervision and management department confiscated of raw materials, products and illegal income, impose a fine of three times the value of the amount more than doubled.

Second, the rational use of

1, the power heating boiler configuration to be reasonable. Power configuration is too large or too small will not work. Power configuration is too small, boiler reaches the set temperature has been working, but they fail to reach the set temperature. Power configuration is too large, the energy produced by the boiler too much, can not digest a lot of time, or do not have access, resulting in waste of resources.

2, rational use of electricity peak, valley electricity. Valley Electric at night, we can make the boiler, store a certain amount of heat. When Bai Tianfeng power, we can reduce the boiler market or reduce the desired temperature, the heat stored at night again into the boiler, the feed use.

3, low-temperature operation to achieve the desired purpose. Electric boiler system has a thermal inertia, can not be raised immediately open, close, you can not immediately cool. When the temperature reaches the set electric boiler, the boiler can be modulated to maintain the state of the temperature, rather than continue to heat up, so that the point can also avoid a waste of resources.

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