Hotel Industry Hot Water Boiler

Hotel Industry Hot Water Boiler

Second, the system is complete, safe and reliable boiler module using the direct-fired air combustion, high security. If a conventional single boiler purge is not complete, the residual gas explosion occurs, it can cause a serious explosion. And similar gas water heaters and boilers for home use module, sufficiently mixed gas ignition combustion. Even if the gas leaks, the boiler can quickly exhaust the excess gas, safe and reliable.

Especially when using a heating boiler, not less than two, which for some reason when one stops, the remaining boiler heat transfer design should meet the requirements of the owners guarantee for heat.

Comfortable life of people is inseparable from the northern winter heating boiler, normal, stable heat source is vital to people's lives. But the attendant is an increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the implementation of coal to gas policy without delay, using the gas hotel industry hot water boiler is the general trend. In order to achieve green heating, the National Tourism Administration Service Center decided to phase out the existing coal-fired boilers, the introduction of clean and environmentally friendly gas hot water boiler. Fast boiler with their own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry cooperation gained the trust of the National Tourism Administration Service Center, and ultimately provide a vacuum hot water boiler (T6-2800 2 sets of 2.8MW by fast Boiler ).

Vertical gas steam boiler system control principle of vertical gas steam boiler control system power switch is off principle, click the open position the pump control switch, for boiler feed water rises to the normal position, the burner power switch click, click on the Start button, open Control the power supply system of the burner into the working state, according to the workflow programmable controller, the first small-burning fire, the fire and then enters the combustion state, the boiler and then enters the normal operation phase. Fuel gas boiler is not only fuel but also refers to the gas boiler. Previously no such dual-fuel boiler, burner because either fuel or gas, no dual fuel burners. With the rapid development of the world energy equipment, some European countries begin production and sales of fuel gas burner, dual fuel burner and boiler combination of organic birth of a new breed of boiler - fuel gas-fired boiler. Steam boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the boiler fuel chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy and other forms of high temperature flue gas, and after converting the boiler, the steam output having a certain outside thermal energy, high-temperature hot water or an organic carrier. When the water level rises to a high level, a high level alarm signal output indicator lights, with bells, to achieve protection shutdown, power controller. When the water level rises to + 30mm, the pump stops when the water level drops to -30mm, the pump automatically restarts. When the water level dropped to 50mm, high and low water level indicator outputs an alarm signal lights, together with the bell, and implementation of protection, the furnace closed, cutting off the power supply controller. When the pressure rises to 0.72 MPa, the overvoltage signal is sent, the bell, alarm, turn off the power control system to achieve the emergency stop. Regulating the pressure when the pressure exceeds the upper limit, the controller outputs a signal to fire small fire valve closed and valve open small fire ignition burner. When the pressure drops below the lower limit adjusting pressure, the controller outputs a signal to open the fire damper for combustion. When the burner failure occurs, the combustion controller automatically closes the valve to stop the combustion. When the exhaust gas temperature is higher than 250 deg.] C, there is a blue light, along with bell sound, and protection off, the power cut controller

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