Hotel Gas Vacuum Boiler Dealer

Hotel Gas Vacuum Boiler Dealer

Vacuum gas hotel vacuum boiler dealer introduce vacuum gas boiler Product Description: Vacuum gas boiler is the use of water at different pressures, the boiling temperature characteristics vary to carry out the work. At one atmosphere, the boiling temperature of water is 100 deg.] C, and under a pressure of 6mmHg, the boiling temperature of water was 4 ℃. Vacuum hot water unit is operating in the pressure range 200mmHg ~ 500mmHg, the corresponding water temperature was 66 ~ 88 ℃, hot water under pressure in the vacuum of the work unit, the combustion temperature of the heat medium water temperature rises to saturation, and generating steam in the water of the same temperature. At this time, through the heat exchange (heating or hot water) inside the water, the cold water in the steam tube outer tube is heated in hot water, and passed to the user, and the water steam outside the pipe were cooled and condensed back to water is heated water drops , thereby completing the cycle. The main features; vacuum hot water units always run under negative pressure, never inflated the risk of explosion, with safety and reliability atmospheric pressure boiler has unmatched; built-in stainless steel heat exchanger, heat transfer efficiency, water quality cleaning; built rope stream smoke tube sheet, increasing the effect of heat transfer, so that a more compact structure; imported burner, combustion efficiency, noise, low emissions, to achieve the requirements for a class Country; integral with a square configuration, overall spraying, shape compact appearance. Smoke tube equipped with a helical spoiler, heat strengthen, improve boiler efficiency and reduce operating costs. Indirect heating: main body of negative pressure, the system pressure; large furnace technology: effective to increase the area of ​​heat radiation unit, reducing the NOX emissions; high water boiler water, inside the body to ensure that never scaling, corrosion. Boiler and heat exchanger integrated design, saves space and greatly reduce floor space. Shell type using three return all wet back structure, dynamic heating, heat sufficiently. Low temperature boiler operation under negative pressure, safe and reliable. Automatic control system, no special duty. Imported burner, combustion efficiency, noise, emissions low. Unique pulse level detection circuit structure, reliable performance. Inlet / outlet water temperature display makes it easier to grasp the boiler operating conditions and systems. High centrifugal glass wool insulation using multi-layer, heat loss. Protection: 1, the boiler has a voltage high, ultra-low protection, when the supply voltage exceeds the normal range, the alarm and automatically cut off the power boiler. 2, the boiler has a temperature sensor fault protection, each boot, the boiler control system first detection sensor condition, such as abnormal boiler is automatically cut off power and alarm. 3, the boiler having a water alarm function: When the boiler water level is below the safety level pot, the boiler automatically cut off power and alarm. 4, the burner flame failure alarm 5, overpressure sound and light alarm 6. boiler burner motor overload, fault protection 7. Automatic shutdown protection, as follows: a) a burner failure automatic shutdown, manual reset b) very low gas pressure automatic shutdown, manual reset c) automatic overpressure boiler shutdown, manual reset power d) of the safety interlock device interrupt automatic shutdown, manual reset heating gas boiler

The formation of vacuum gas hotel vacuum boiler dealer provisions vacuum gas boiler set up the day there are many issues deserve attention, in the formation should have rigorous, failing that there are many hidden dangers behind, what had to be concerned about when it set up a public, make sure the gas vacuum the formation location of the boiler, if it is established businesses should have to inform the relevant departments have a license before they can install. Second, do the registration dossier, China clearly requires a vacuum gas boiler should have to register and do business related files, and second, the need for certified staff as established. Third, the study initiated by the operator often set up with the standard of credible standards and clear view of the formation of knowledge about the arrangement. Fourth, vacuum gas boiler before the formation of the first vacuum gas boiler host, with each component ignition advance detection equipment, should have to complete the notes, if there are problems, you should have instant changes made to the plant equipment. It is certainly relevant provisions of the above-mentioned gas boiler formation of a vacuum, a certain amount to the public in the early days of preparation, good planning in advance, to avoid problems such as the level of problem or placement will directly affect the progress of the formation of the back of the output.

The partnership, fast hotel vacuum boiler dealer for the user responsible attitude to have left a deep impression on our fireman boiler operation is not very skilled, fast deliberately sent a party of professional and technical personnel for our on-site supervision of installation, commissioning and training to ensure that the latter can operate our good boiler fireman. --customer feedback

Vacuum hot water hotel vacuum boiler dealer small science in recent years, a type known as vacuum hot water boiler boiler in the market caused no small wave, then vacuum hot water boiler is what kind of boiler it, to the side of a small fast Come prepared for your eleven. The basic principle of vacuum hot water boiler was born in 1972, University of Zurich, by forming a negative pressure in the vacuum furnace body closed, the heat medium is filled in advance in the body of water, heating medium water heated by combustion or other means, the heat medium water by vaporization and liquefaction of absorbing and releasing heat to the heat pipe heat exchanger, to achieve the supply of hot water. Oil, natural gas, gas, electricity -> combustion (heat conversion) -> heating medium water -> steam condensing heat exchanger after boiling -> exchanger -> Heat Conduction -> water, "vacuum" refers to an automatic vacuum apparatus and the pressure inside the boiler is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure is low with water a low boiling point characteristic, rapid heating of the heat medium water, increase the heat transfer rate. Since the boiler internal pressure is lower than the outside world, it does not appear the boiler exploded, burning deformation and other adverse conditions. Fast Multi Party conventional vacuum boiler type, as fully condensed in vacuo premix hot water boiler, low nitrogen vacuum hot water boiler is coupled, solve the needs of different users in different sectors. By using advanced FGR, such as premix low NOx combustion technology, ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, environmental protection is very friendly. While adding condensing technology, making the boiler operating efficiency upgrade more than 10%, significant cost savings for businesses.

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