Thermal Boilers System

Thermal Boilers System

How to deal with the causes of water shortage in Fangkuai thermal boilers system? (1) the causes of water shortage a, the failure of water supply regulation device or the failure of water supply automatic regulation were not discovered in time. B, water level gauge, steam flow meter or feed water flow meter is not correct, which causes the operator to misjudge and operate wrongly. C, the boiler load has plummeted. D, water pressure drop. E, boiler sewage pipe, valve leakage, excessive discharge. F, water wall, economizer tube burst or leak. (2) the phenomenon of water shortage: a, the water level in the drum is lower than the gauge. A set normal water level. B, the water level indicator is below the normal minimum water level standard, and the water level alarm signals low water level. C, superheated steam temperature rises. D, the feed water flow rate is abnormally smaller than the steam flow rate. (3) when the boiler steam pressure and feed water pressure are normal and the drum water level falls below the normal water level, the following measures shall be taken: a, Compare and flush the drum water level gauge to see if it is correct. B, water supply regulation from automatic to manual, if the automatic non-electric, can be changed to manual, and increase boiler feed water. C, if treated by the above method After that, when the water level in the drum is still low, the discharge gate of the boiler and economizer should be checked. If it is found that the economizer is damaged by a large amount of water leakage and affects the water level and water circulation, the boiler should be stopped by the dispatch. D, if measures are taken to restore the water level, the water level shall continue to fall, and when the allowable minimum water level is reached, the dispatch room shall be reported and the boiler load shall be reduced. E, if the water level continues to decrease and disappears from the drum water level gauge, the boiler unit operation shall be stopped immediately and the upper water supply to the boiler shall be prohibited. (4) due to carelessness of the operator, the water level shall disappear in the drum water level gauge. Failure to detect them in a timely manner should be dealt with in accordance with the following measures: B, when the water level appears in the drum water level meter, the boiler feed water can be increased and the water level should be restored. C, when the water level fails to appear in the drum water level gauge, the boiler shall be shut down immediately and the water intake into the boiler shall be strictly prohibited.

Our jewelry processing company in the automotive production, many processes require energy, to be honest we really a headache on the choice of the thermal boilers system, thanks met specializes in the research and production of fast square boiler boiler! The purchase of two Taipower hot water boiler, tangible help us save a lot of costs. --customer feedback

Exhaust gas temperature heat loss is the most important heat loss in a gas thermal boilers system, which mainly depends on the exhaust gas temperature and excess air ratio λ. (Excess air ratio is the actual combustion air supplied to the fuel quality and 1kg theoretically required for complete combustion of the air fuel ratio of the mass of 1kg is common in China and other countries of Russia Research combustible mixture component indicators, common symbols represented by [lambda]), [lambda] q1 and heat loss relationship: the empirical formula: q1 = (0.5 + 3.5λ) (T -T exhaust gas temperature).

Third, strong weather / environmental resistance and strong

Work environment condensing boilers are generally more severe, partially condensing boilers using spaces not only have serious moisture, there are still many chemically aggressive media, combined with condensing boilers daily work of a higher frequency, so on its weather resistance and environmental resistance put forward higher requirements. Professional condensing boilers in the design and production process to effectively circumvent the late failure frequency, so that the failure rate lower condensing boiler, longer life.

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