15Th Diesel Boiler

15Th Diesel Boiler

Boilers must build on their strengths and avoid weaknesses if they want to develop

At this stage, with the dual development of economy and science and technology, in the domestic boiler market, the development of boiler can be described as a rising day, and the main reason is the high efficiency and safety of the boiler itself, and so on. Safety and efficiency are issues that industry will consider when choosing boilers. But if the boiler wants to develop better, must be able to carry on the strong point to avoid the weakness.

Gas hot water 15th diesel boiler flue gas temperature and instructions how to combine solar system: gas hot water boiler, its flue gas temperature, and whether there are provisions upper and lower limits? The boiler and solar energy systems, which combine fashion? In addition, gas hot water boiler, a flue gas condenser whether you can use? Ask these questions, its main purpose is to be completely resolved, so that we have a thorough understanding and correct understanding, thus, can deepen familiarity with the gas hot water boiler. 1. gas hot water boiler, which is on the exhaust gas temperature, whether there are upper and lower limits specified requirements? This, then, for the moment, there are no provisions in this regard requires, however, that there will be industry requirements. However, in boiler efficiency, the lower limit is specified. So, on this issue, that the answer is no. However, we need to note that between the boiler flue gas temperature and efficiency, is an inverse relationship. 2. gas hot water boiler and solar systems combine so, what methods can be used? If the gas hot water boiler in conjunction with solar energy systems, then, in conjunction with which embodiment, mainly the following these types are as follows: Mode 1: control cabinet solar system, in accordance with the temperature controlled water circulation pump start and shutdown, and switches the water flow to the boiler, when the boiler water starts to flow, and a heating cycle. Second way: a temperature sensor installed in the tank, when the temperature is below the set value, the circulating pump and a boiler, a heating cycle. Three ways: If the direct thermal boiler, then, the water tank may be heated by a boiler, for direct use.

Food plant, the 15th diesel boiler applications with the greatest proportion of steam boilers, steam boiler plant food mainly through the pipeline steam, the steam required constant temperature, constant pressure, and even the quality of the steam determines the quality of manufactured foods. Food factory steam boiler is mainly used in food processing distillation, extraction, sterilizing, drying, curing and other processes, a food product with high-temperature steam retort, drying, disinfection. However, it is not limited to food production for gasoline and some food plants will be configured for internal captive power generation boilers, hot water boilers or application of its central heating plant, office building, dormitory and so on. Of course, a process some food plants need hot water boiler on food for special processing.

Since our company uses WNS6-1.25-YQ split two condensing 15th diesel boiler, the boiler runs very stable, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of fireman our staff, because running very clean without any emissions, but also greatly improved our paper mill house and the surrounding environment, high operating efficiency boilers. Service is also very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Especially for regular visits to thank! --customer feedback

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