1600 Kgh 8 Bar Diesel Fired Boiler

1600 Kgh 8 Bar Diesel Fired Boiler

When it comes to the life of this 1600 kgh 8 bar diesel fired boiler equipment now, in fact, is to have a certain relationship with a number of aspects, including the performance of such boiler equipment, there is the quality of boiler equipment, etc. Now, all of which will be for the useful life of certain Impact. There is now the boiler equipment, also need to be maintained, if not done some maintenance, there is no way to extend the use of time, so do maintenance and repair is also important.

Matters needing attention and standard flow of 1600 kgh 8 bar diesel fired boiler periodic sewage discharge operationOperational notes and standardized procedures for boiler periodic discharge: 1. Periodic Sewerage notices 1. The main value of the furnace should be contacted before the discharge is discharged, and the steam turbine can be approved before it can be carried out. 2. When discharging water level is normal, after discharge, check whether each sewage door is closed tight. 3. Sewerage doors should not be opened to more than 30s, can not open two or more sewage doors at the same time, in order to prevent damage to the water cycle. 4. Open the drain door slowly in case of water shock. In case of water shock, close the valve until the shock disappears, and then slowly open the drain door. 5. When operating the valve, you should stand on the side of the valve, strictly prohibited Right to the valve. II. Discharge operation flow 1. After receiving the scheduling task, labor protection supplies dressed neatly, with a special F wrench, on the spot open the general gate. 2. Open all the doors, contact the DCS screen of the furnace to open the corresponding discharge electric door, after the discharge, first close the second door, then close the door, one by one, one by one. All sewerage is over, close once door of each discharge and main gate of sewerage 3. When discharging water, we should pay close attention to the water level. If there is any abnormal water level or accident, the discharge should be stopped. For 2 hours, the door cores of each discharge door shall be checked for leakage, and if the drain is lost, the drain door shall be opened promptly once. Note by removing residue that may be stuck in the core of the door (boiler principal value should be contacted before operation): the whole drainage process should be in close contact with the DCS operator.

Cooperation with the fast 1600 kgh 8 bar diesel fired boiler really is a very correct decision of our hospital. The party quickly boiler shell not only provides us with high-quality and high-performance energy saving boiler coexist; also provides free installation and post operation and maintenance personnel training services for our system, very caring, thoughtful. --customer feedback

Atmospheric hot water 1600 kgh 8 bar diesel fired boiler system mainly refers to the atmospheric hot water boiler control system, mainly the use of modern computer technology to control the boiler intelligent, automated, user-friendly, the boiler is more stable, more convenient, more flexible control.

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