Hospital And Hotel Steam Boiler

Hospital And Hotel Steam Boiler

Anyang City Power Supply Bureau as a unit in charge of the sale of electricity in Anyang City, in the choice of the boiler is more cautious. Based on our understanding and trust, choosing our split condensing hospital and hotel steam boiler. Anyang Power Supply Bureau responsible person to us feedback, provide fast side of the boiler with the rest assured, product design everything, we believe that the fast side of the boiler can be used for more than 10 years and even 20 years. --customer feedback

Plants use existing ordinary way for the hospital and hotel steam boiler steam solutions for problems: 1, big waste of energy: pipeline transport long distance, large energy loss. Steam from the steam boiler plant to have many points have become a condensate. Especially at night discontinuous steam plant, each with steam before the need to discharge large amounts of condensate, resulting in waste of energy. 2, managers and more: Boilermakers need to arrange several on duty holder, increased labor costs. 3, beautiful plant has been greatly affected. Kou recommended method: point - point steam supply mode, the need to place Kou steam boiler steam next to the plant or equipment, with the open with the use. Complete cancellation of the factory steam pipe network. And highlight the advantages of a conventional steam boiler: 1, Energy saving: Due to put an end to the pipeline transmission losses, energy-efficient way than conventional steam supply energy by 30-50%. 2, management is simple: Kou boiler steam boiler does not belong to the range of pressure that can be placed directly on the shop floor, without making a separate boiler room. When steam required by the plant workers can boot. 3, the plant more beautiful.

Second, pay attention to maintenance inspection work

In the emphasis on strength condensing boilers run at the same time do not neglect the maintenance and inspection work. Regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection to the boiler, the boiler can not only ensure the smooth work, but also to avoid the impact due to the overall performance of the boiler minor issues.

What kind of hospital and hotel steam boiler has cost advantage? When the user uses steam boilers, they want it has a very good price, of course, such products have a wide range of cost-effective include, then what kind of products will have a good cost-effective use of it? The first is its good energy efficiency in use. Because the energy efficiency of the boiler to make it cost a certain decline, below the low-cost nature will allow users to feel the product price. Even some of the purchase price is high, users prefer to use high energy efficiency boiler, because the cost is a long-term cost.

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