Horizontal Oilgas Burning Boiler

Horizontal Oilgas Burning Boiler

All along, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, took the central environmental protection supervision "look back" as the main problem of feedback opportunities to enhance the ecological environmental protection, pollution prevention and fight tough fight, active rectification, hard to rectify, resolute reform, promote the environmental reform task completed on schedule. We understand that in 2018, Zhangjiakou City Daly to promote projects cut coal, the accelerated clean alternative to coal consumption year on year in 2017 to reduce 1.04 million tons.

For unfinished "2017, the province's energy cut carbon coal down the main points of" cut annual coal requirements of mission objectives problem, Zhangjiakou City, supervisors coal companies cut coal, high quality coal, strengthen energy-saving technological transformation, to fully grasp the total coal consumption control and reduction of bulk coal.

The strengthening of key coal enterprises cut coal, to promote energy-saving technological transformation projects, several key coal enterprises to continuously improve energy standards. And vigorously promote the project minus coal, coal production in 2018 to defuse 8.6 million tons, out of coal-fired boilers 1663 units. Accelerate clean coal alternative, clean winter heating selected pilot cities in northern, rural complete "electricity instead of coal", "substitution of gas for coal" 6971. And vigorously develop renewable energy sources, as of 2018 the city's renewable energy installed capacity of 13,454,800 kilowatts, accounting for 74.2% of all electricity installed capacity, the highest in the country.

Condensing gas horizontal oilburning boiler water level is too high hazard Some people think that some of the high water level, water condensing gas boiler is not easy, there are security guarantees. In fact, this is a misconception. The water level is too high, steam and humidity increase, poor steam quality, steam equipment will harm production and safety. Industrial boilers, the steam salt also increased, ranging from increased air consumption, ineffective, lower yields; heavy pipes, equipment or even the water hammer occurs. For utility boilers, steam moisture capacity, the steam turbine last stage blades will be erosion, there may appear Priming pot, water shock severe enough to cause harm equipment and personal safety. Therefore, the pot water level should be maintained at ± 50mm as well. Full of water condensing gas boiler accident hazards, mainly caused steam with lots of water, which may cause steam pipe water hammer, reduce steam quality, affecting the normal steam supply, serious cause superheater tube fouling, damage to the steam equipment . In the run condensing gas boiler, the boiler water level higher than the highest level of security and endanger the safe operation of the boiler phenomenon, called full of water accidents. Full of water can be divided into minor accidents and serious water filled full of water two kinds. When the water level exceeds the maximum allowable water level, but below the level of the upper edge of the visible table, although the water level or water table beyond the upper edge of the visible, but after opening the drainage cock water gauge, can quickly see the water level drops, belong slightly with water. The water level exceeds the level of the upper edge of the visible table, when the open drain cocks see when the water level drops in the water table, a serious full of water. When the water deficit in the accident is full, the water level in the water table almost invisible, but full of water and put water accidents can put water released from the water table, and the water can not drain pipe accident put water released from the water table.

Second, the thermal efficiency of the horizontal oilburning boiler capacity

Low nitrogen gas boiler quality compared to the conventional coal-fired boilers, selection of materials more resistant to corrosion and better heat transfer ND steel, better quality. Advanced heat in the flue gas condensing technology can re-absorption, and therefore the thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers can achieve the unattainable height. Customers can carefully observe the material in the selection process, to confirm whether its performance requirements.

Macheng look out brand gas hot water horizontal oilburning boiler which matters a lot what are users in the purchase of the brand gas hot water boiler, because very few skills, often also do not realize how well shot. Because the style gas hot water boiler considerable, differences in structure and differences manufacturers, and everyone should know how not to buy the brand, continued to teach you later buy brands they have some small way. First, gas hot water boiler to buy the brand, it is necessary to understand the structure of gas hot water boiler components must adjust setter in the selection, it must also repair and maintenance, construction and thus will certainly be reasonably smooth launch. Also, each gas hot water boiler has a certain amount of money burden saturated steam, and for that we spent in the selection process will have a certain amount, which must be a unit in the purchase of gas hot water boiler brands pay more attention to style, to further confluence good intention to buy the brand. Third, the noteworthy point is that there are a lot of gas hot water boiler with components, some of which are complementary with very good results and good will reduce consumption, energy saving. Therefore, in the purchase of brand gas hot water boiler process, summary said earlier, these two issues will certainly have to pay more attention to this will be to buy the brand of products, convenient good choice.

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