1Ton Diesel Fired Boiler

1Ton Diesel Fired Boiler

Explain the need for management and inspection tours of the steam 1ton diesel fired boiler: A boiler steam boiler this, it is the site of the product, so it is necessary to know and understand in order to correct and rational use of this kind of boiler, and at the same time, get good results, play its due role, so that their benefit. So, in order to achieve this goal, the following, will continue to study and work steam boilers, and question and answer format to adopt. Management 1. steam boiler, whether more stringent? A boiler steam boiler which, on the boiler pressure which is between 0.1 to several hundred MPa, and its steam is sent out. And for this a boiler in the management is very strict, and its strong inspection and annual inspection, but also very much. So, on this issue, the answer is yes. And, for the relevant requirements, but also to be strictly enforced. 2. Do you want to steam boiler inspection tours on a regular basis? Steam boiler, which is to check the regular tour, but, it is also necessary to take seriously and work carried out, as this will ensure the safety and normal operation of the boiler, to avoid danger or accident. And in the examination content, it is the boiler pressure, water level, temperature, and its combustion to check whether it is normal, without exception, and at the same time, control the good health of the boiler.

We can think of, to a few decades, the party will soon be implemented in the next few years: the digital workshop, open-plan offices, model worker Innovation Studio, garden chemical industry park, the hotel of the staff quarters, a model customer panorama 1ton diesel fired boiler room , honor VR, VR ...... these artisans will be demonstrated by the fast square panoramic VR atlas, people will be able to feel the mobile phone side, the gas field fast boiler open mind and strength! 20 years of precipitation technology, more than 100 national patents, more than ten national honor certificate, the State Ministry of energy saving recommended products, domestic boiler industry being the only nationally recognized "academician workstation", under the aura, is the party who constantly fast pursuit and creation. Fast boiler, condensing gas boiler leader!

Present during food factory 1ton diesel fired boiler shutdown problems and the presence of food plants during the cause of corrosion problems and corrosion of boiler shutdown reasons. In the detection process of industrial boilers, we found a large boiler within a year than their long working hours, but the boiler corrosion and maintenance during the shutdown has not taken seriously enough. Boiler maintenance is directly related to the life of the boiler. 1, there is the food plant boiler shutdown problems during the inspection process, often see a number of small workshops, small business operation is not standard, boiler boiler stops during maintenance work is not in place. Vertical pipes fixed furnace LSG0.2-0.4-AII on September 12, 2015 put into operation. Semi-open boiler room, there are three annular wall. Is unshielded side, top covered with the boiler steel tile color, but some damage. Stop the stove without any treatment until the check fugitive emissions so far. Test found the following problems: ① the heat insulation breakage outer layer, local corrosion 0.5mm.

Information on the nameplate and 1ton diesel fired boiler pressure labeling requirements: rows of tubes in the boiler, which specifically refer to? Boiler operating pressure, when it is equal to what, boiler efficiency is at its peak? And, on the boiler plate, whether there must be parameters? These issues are on the boiler, so the following immediately to give a specific answer, I hope you can clearly understand, rather than a superficial knowledge, or that there are misconceptions. 1. The discharge tube boiler, which specifically refer to? Boiler, tube row thereof, which is mainly refers to the heating surface tube, is arranged in a row, so they are referred to as boiler tube rows. In the specific member thereof, including the water wall, superheater, reheater and economizer four, however, to be noted that, where the superheater, screen that does not include this one superheater.

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