Fire Tube Gasoil Fired Hot Water Boilers

Fire Tube Gasoil Fired Hot Water Boilers

Gas fire tubeoil fired hot water boilers maintenance during the shutdown as we all know, the heating of the heating unit in our country is from October 15 to April 15, the six-month heating season the north, in industrial production, gas hot water boiler is only used winter heating. After the winter heating season, the hot water boiler will be idle. To ensure the normal operation of the hot water boiler next year, can not relax to maintain idle period. 1. When idle, the boiler water is discharged and should be placed in a ventilated place. Second, the hot water boiler furnace repair cracks need to find specialized personnel to repair, if necessary, be coated with an external lubricating furnace or anti-corrosion paint. three. Different methods and disintegration downtime 1, boiler water drained, draining suction process when the boiler is shut down three days or less, ammonia and hydrazine before shutdown, feedwater PH value to 10 or more, and then a certain pressure the drainage furnace, keep the system dry. 2, the film formation method when the amine protecting the furnace off over three days, the protective effect of the film formation is preferably an amine, such as pure octadecylamine protection, i.e., protection of octadecylamine was added a solution of pure water vapor in the system before the oven is turned off. 4. Different methods used during the non-disintegration of the stop 1 and, maintaining the gas hot water boiler pressure method: discontinued within 1Od, discontinued before increasing ammonia, hydrazine dosage of the feed water to raise the pH above 10, to maintain the boiler pressure. 2, gas protection law: if the operation is suspended for more than 10 days may be by gas protection method for long-term protection of the boiler. Fifth, the gas hot water boiler maintenance boiler off Desiccant method, the boiler water temperature dropped to 100-120 (?) All C is discharged, the water in the furnace, the metal surface of the dry heat boiler, the system scale, slag all clean, and a desiccant to keep dry the metal surface, to prevent corrosion.

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Energy-saving renovation Technology of Coal-fired Boiler the operating parameters of blower and induced fan are directly related to the thermal efficiency and energy consumption of coal-fired boiler. The coal-fired boiler can be reformed with appropriate speed regulating technology, and the drum can be adjusted according to the load of the boiler during the transformation. It can not only save coal-fired boiler, but also save the power consumption of fan, so that the energy-saving effect can be achieved.

Low NOx combustion technology Know Nitrogen oxides are one of the main sources of air pollution caused by the human body, animals and plants, the environment has a great destructive power, nitrogen oxide emissions will be too high a direct threat to our lives. Nitrogen and oxygen present not actively mixed together, but when the temperature reached 1600 deg.] C, nitrogen and oxygen in the air will be mixed to form nitrogen oxides. Currently, the use of better gas boiler low NOx combustion technology has premix, FGR two kinds. First, the premix combustion fuel prior art into the furnace for combustion, pre-mixed with air, through the regulation and control precise optimum proportions. After addition of the surface to further reduce the combustion temperature in the furnace combustion technology, action to reduce nitrogen oxides. Two, FGR FGR combustion technology is the technology of flue gas recirculation combustion technology. Boiler flue gas produced after re-entering the conduit through the connecting part in the combustion in the furnace, reducing the combustion temperature of the fuel in the furnace, to reduce the effect of nitrogen oxides. If you are at this time headache boiler retrofit or low nitrogen want to buy low nitrogen boiler, can get in touch through the top free service hotline and fast boiler, we will be happy to assist you.

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