Solid Fuel Fired Boiler 2 Ton

Solid Fuel Fired Boiler 2 Ton

Currently, the group is still in the process of transformation and upgrading, will gradually realize electronic process control, research in the complex environment of welding technology. Members of the delegation of our company in the integration of the use of digital depth workshop, scientific electronic dispatch enterprise-level human-machine ring material widely used method as well as cloud, big data and the Internet of Things has left a very deep impression. Future, fast side will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research, efforts to enhance business intelligence production equipment, in order to deepen station machines, welding robots, represented workshop infrastructure. As "Anyang manufacturing", "Henan to create" to contribute their strength.

As low solid fuel fired boiler 2 ton heat load case, the flow through the small steam, but the steam turbine requires the corresponding low temperature, generally do not result in too high wall temperatures of the superheater platen, use of time if a desuperheater adjusting the steam temperature control, since the flow of steam after desuperheating water injected into long, the flow rate is very low, the boiler outlet steam temperature the reaction very late pure, easily lead to low-temperature steam, and water may form a plug in the serpentine tube portion. In this case it should be disposed near the secondary steam desuperheater outlet, water in minor amounts, the fine steam temperature.

Note that the fine and coarse phase modulation in conjunction with the case of large amplitude operating parameters should be used quickly and overshooting regulating manner, so that the parameters can be changed quickly change trend, i.e. coarse. Especially when handling accident, to adjust the water level, particular attention should be. Case of an accident, such as load rejection solid fuel fired boiler 2 ton fire, etc., then the water level change is very large, and due to the influence of false water level changes very fast, requires operators responsive, and regulating. And if the mother controls the water supply system, several furnace influence each other, plus the usual low water pressure, in case of an accident, water level changes several furnaces at the same time, grab the water is serious, and therefore should be coordinated in the coarse, exchanges. Avoid artificially adjusting improper expansion of the accident. E.g. turbine load rejection while regulating the boiler water level because of improper fire; level adjustment because of improper fire the boiler is full of water; even when a boiler trip lower blower speed to the powder duct blockage caused by excessive and so on. After coarse, then stabilized when the parameter using fine control parameters for fine tuning the slow stabilized manner. For regulating steam pressure, excessive use of increased heat loss adjustment expense adjustment method, especially in powder machine speed does not fluctuate up and down sharply, oxygen fluctuate, causing the furnace combustion conditions whom are also changed, At this part of the unburned fuel losses increased significantly, a great influence on the thermal efficiency of the unit. Therefore to avoid this mode of operation, in a combustion automatically respond is monitored for fluctuations powder speed, found that excessive volatility, should be lifted automatically run, to intervene manually, artificial fine, in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the unit time.

How to reduce the noise generated by the gas solid fuel fired boiler 2 ton operation: China's "People's Republic of China Noise Pollution Prevention Law" provides that the noise emission of more than specified by the manufacturer, and interfere with the normal life of others is strictly prohibited. Note also that the boiler equipment, reduce noise pollution.

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